Computer Science 9

Sargodha Board Group I Annual Examination


Time: 15 minutes Marks: 12

1.       Second generation computer used:

(a). Integrated circuits                              (b). Transistors                                (c). Vacuum tubes                             (d). Micro processor

2. Which program that translate and exciter one line of source code at a time?

(a). Compiler                                              (b). Assembler                                 (c). Interpreter                                   (d). Link Code

3.Hardware is best described as:

(a). Physical parts                                   (b). Printed output                            (c). A Program                                    (d). Logical part

4. Which of the following is faster printer?

(a). Laser                                                (b). Ink jet                                              (c). Dot Matrix                                      (d) Thermal Printer

5. The smallest unit of Data in the Computer is;

(a). Character                                      (b). Word                                                (c). Bit                                                        (d). Byte

6. The difference of (111-001); is equal

(a). (100)2                                          (b). (111)2                                                (c). (001)2                                                  (d).   (110)2

7. In Boolean algebra A + A = :

(a). 1                                                  (b). 0                                                           (c). A                                                            (d). -A

8. Which command 1s used to make a new directory .

(a). MP                                             (b). DIR MD                                             (c). MD DIR                                                 (d). CD

9. Which command will move control one level above known as the parent directory?

(a). CD..                                          (b). CD/                                                    (c). CD.                                                          (d).   CD/

10. A special program that can detect and remove virus from computer is called:

(a). Virus                                       (b). Anti virus                                         (c). Macintosh                                            (d).   My Document

11. Which of the following is example of antivirus program?

(a). Panda                                     (b). Macintosh                                 (c). Eycone                                                      (d). Drage

12. The file name and the extension are Separated by a:

(a). Comma                                 (b). Colon                                        (c). Semi Colon                                              (d). Period


Time: 2:45 Hours Marks: 63


Q.2. Attempt any SIX parts A Y ‘[2 x 6 = 12]

(i) What do you know about ABACUS? (ii) Define Von-Neumann Theory.

(iii) LSI & VLSI stands for? (iv) What is Hybrid computer?

(v) Define EDP. (vi) What is purpose of motherboard?

(vii) What are input devices? (viii) What is Hard copy?

(ix) LASER stands for?

Q.3. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) (78)1@ = (?) (ii) Describe method of /1’s complement.

(iii) What is Numeric data?. (iv) Describe start Button.

(v) What is Hexadecimal Number system?

(vi) What is folder? (vii) What is File extension?

(viii) Write any four name’s of antivirus programs.

Q.4. Attempt any FIVE parts . [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) Differentiate between Data and Information (ii) Convert (111); = Decimal

(iii) Convert 1010 into binary. (iv) What is Boolean algebra?

(v) Differentiate between “AND” and “OR” operators

(vi) Design the truth table of x+y,.x.z. (vii) What is an operating system?

(viii) What is basic difference between system software and Application Software?


Note: – Attempt any Three Question [1 x 3 = 21]

Q.5 (a) Write down a short note on “Digital computer”. [3]

(b) Write a note on “Address Bus”. [4]

Q.6. (a) How do the Laser Printer work? Explain it. [4]

(b) Write the short note on Main memory. r [3]

Q.7. (a) Convert 110. 11; into decimal number. [3]

(b) Differentiate between Binary and octal number system. [4]

Q.8. What is K-Map? Give an example. [7]

Q.9. (a) What is DOS. How is different from Windows? [4]

. (b) State the important work of Mouse. [3]

Practical PART- lll

Note: – Attempt any Two Question [5 x 2=i1o]

Q.10 (a) Write method to delete file and folder on desktop.

(b) Write method to change a time and date of computer,

Q.11 (a) Write method of search of file.

(b) Write step to start Windows Explorer.

Q.12 (a) Write step to shutdown and restart Windows.

(b) Write down a command to see all hidden files on C directory.