Introduction to Biology test19

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.Which of the following organism have colonial organization?
a) Paramecium                b) Volvox                     c) Euglena                d) Amoeba
2.Basic types of cells are?
a) 1             b) 2               c) 3               d) 4
3.Most living protoplasm found in Bio-elements?
a) Carbon                b) Hydrogen               c) Nitrogen             d) Oxygen
4.Similar cells organized into groups and performing same functions, are known as?
a) Organelle                b) Tissue                 c) Organ             d) Organ system
5.The branch in which we study benefits and loses related to living organims?
a) Ecnomics                b) Bioecnomics                      c) Biometery             d) Both a & b
6.The number of bio elements in nature is?
a) 15                      b) 16                   c) 17                d) 18
7.The study of insects is called?
a) Parasitology                    b) Entomology                   c) Anatomy           d) Both a & b
8.The author of Al-Qanun fil Tib is?
a) Ali Ibn-e-esa                  b) Jabir Bin Hayan                 c) Bu Ali Sina                d) Abdul Malik Asmai
9.Jabir Bin Hayan born in?
a) Iraq                b) Iran                   c) Pakistan                d) England
10.The study of genes and their role in inheritance is called?
a) Histology              b) Anatomy                c) Genetics              d) Inheritance

Q2 Write short answers to these questions:                 (15) 
1.How can you elaborate agriculture as a career in biology?
2.What is meant by Biogeography?
3.Describe farming as a profession in biology?
4.What is histology?
5.Write the names of two famous books of Jabir Bin Hayan?

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