Essay on Smoking

Essay on Smoking

Essay on Smoking


  • Introduction
  • How is smoking likely to catch people?
  • Adds and commercials never show the negative side of smoking
  • Smoking leads to many fatal diseases
    • People should be persuaded to stop smoking
    • Smoking & high risk pregnancy
    • Smoking is expansive
    • Secondhand smoking & its effects
    • Advantages of giving up smoking
    • Conclusion
    • Conclusion


    Is there anyone who does not know someone who smokes? Everyone has a family member, friend, or co-worker who smokes. They have chosen to smoke, but by just being around them you are also smoking, only you have not made that choice. Before you choose to take this risk you should think about what may happen to your body. There are many factors that you should take very seriously; smoking is a hazardous habit because it leads to addiction, disease, and high-risk pregnancy.

    As advertisements have shown on commercial on television that smoking is a way to relax and to be cool by smoking cigarettes, they never show you the negative side of it. For example, addiction is one of the bad side effects and it is caused by nicotine. Once you inhale the cigarette you will then feel or want the need for another one, and you may have different personalities and change because of the addiction. You may get more grouchy and violent behavior and need a cigarette to relax, but instead it is doing more damage. Researchers have found ways to control addictions and some have succeeded while many have failed. People at a younger age started off get addicted by the nicotine in the cigarette and this is where the problem starts.

    The hazardous of smoking lead to many fatal diseases and should convince people to quit their habit. First, a major reason why people should quit smoking is that many people are dying of cancer. This disease is killing people if it is not detected promptly. Another reason for quitting smoking is heart disease and its consequences. For example, many people suffer from heart failure, but even though they know ‘about smoking and its dangers, they do not stop their habit until they become ill. Unfortunately, in many cases, people are at risk to live with heart complications for the rest of their lives. Lastly, another important reason for people to stop smoking is the risk of getting emphysema. This is also a deadly disease that affects their lungs and their whole respiratory system. These several reasons should prove to the smokers that this habit puts their health in danger, and causes many diseases that lead to death.

    Unborn babies who have mothers who smoke are more likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The placenta joins the mother and the baby, which is where the baby gets food and oxygen. When a mother smokes the placenta does not work as well as it should. The babies are also more likely to be born early. Every time a woman smokes she is giving her child less food and oxygen, therefore, the baby can and maybe will not be wealthy. lt is very easy for a pregnant woman

    to stop smoking when the people around her do not smoke. When a baby is born to a mother who smokes the baby will not grow well as it should. Studies show that smoking is an unhealthy habit and can not only hurt the mother but really hurt the baby as well.

    Because of smoking, smokers provide high risks in addictions, disease or risks in pregnancies. Smokers prefer their habit, rather than caring about this terrible problem. They avoid the consequences of smoking.‘ As is often the case, smoking increases the hazardous of health and problems with themselves too

    Smoking is one of the most preventable causes of death in the world. About one in five deaths in the world are results from using tobacco. About half all of smokers between of 35 and 69 die ahead of time the new smokers replace them. Smokers could be losing an average of 20 to 25 years of their life. Sometime l’m,around an adult that smokes and when he smokes, it makes the house smell awful. I have many reasons to why l think this. It gives you aliment, shortens your life, can affect others around you and yourself. Every time you smoke, it’s like cutting 5 minutes of your life and there are many ways to quit.

    Smoking is an expensive habit. The average cost of a pack is Rs.20.00 and the average smoker smokes a pack a day. In one year that’s wasting about RS.7300 or more a year! That’s a lot of money. The Tobacco industry makes billions of rupees each year and they don’t care about your existence all they want is your money. The company adds nicotine, which is addictive. You can’t stop buying the product and if you buy more cigarettes, the company earns more. The nicotine can raise your blood pressure, heart rate, and the oxygen demand for muscles, mainly in the heart. Second-hand smoke affects others as well as you.

    Second-hand smoke comes from two places: smoke breathed mouth by the person who smokes, and smoke from the end of a burning cigarette. Second-hand smoke causes health effects, including cancer, breathing problems, and asthma. Second-hand smoke contains thousands of chemicals and 200 are poisons. Second-hand smoke is responsible for between 150,000 and 300,000 respiratory infections in infants and children under 18 months. About 37,000 non-smokers die each year because of it. A person who doesn’t smoke married to a smoker has a 30% greater chance of getting lung cancer than the wife/husband of a non-smoker. People with asthma are at greater risk than who doesn’t have it. It makes them have breathing complications and if they were asked to run, they’ll have a hard time trying.

    When you stop smoking you get you sense of smell and taste back, your cough goes a way you’ll digest your food more ordinarily, feel more alive, it’ll be easier to climb stairs, no yellow teeth from the build up of tar, no bad breath and no odour, and the most important thing is that you’ll live longer. l would not want this happening to me so that’s why l’m against smoking. l told you that it could give you negative personal effects, expensive to continue and can change you life. People might think it “cool” to smoke but it’s really not. l hope this was a very persuasive speech and had you convinced.

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