Q.1 What do you mean by coordination? How is it brought about?

Ans.  The tissues and organs in the bodies of multi cellular organisms do not work independently of each other Theycoordination work together performing their many tasks as the needs of the whole body. This means that these activities are coordinated. Coordination also enables the organism to respond to happenings in the world around it.

Q.2.  Explain muscle coordination with a suitable example.

Ans.  Life activities are controlled and coordinated i e., body works as one unit, in which its different

Organ and cooperation and work in harmony with each other.

When a boy runs to catch a ball, he uses hundreds of muscles to move his arms, legs and back His nervous system uses information from his sense organs and coordinates these muscles Due to this co-ordination, the muscles contract in the correct sequence, power and length of time But that is not all Such activities involve many other kinds of coordination For example, breathing and heartbeat rates are increased, blood pressure is adjusted, and extra heat is removed at a faster rate from the body.

Q.3. Identify the types of coordination in living organisms.

Ans. There are two types of coordination systems in organisms which are related to each other.

  • Nervous co-ordination brought about by nervous system and
  • Chemical co-ordination brought about by endocrine system

Animals have both the nervous and chemical co-ordination systems in their bodies while plants and other organisms have only chemical co-ordination.

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