Short Questions

Q.21: – What is the use of LIST command?

Ans.: LIST Command

This command is used to ‘lists all or part of the program currently in memory to the monitor screen.

Q.22: – What is the use of RMDIR command?

Ans.: RMDIR Command

RMDIR command is used to remove/delete a directory from the disk.

Q.23: – What is the use of REM Statement?

Ans.: REM Statement

This statement is used to add explanatory remarks to be inserted in a program. It is non executable statement.

Q.25: – What is the use of END Statement?

Ans.: END Statement

END statement is used to terminate program execution, close all files and return to the command level. –

Q.26: – What is the use of STOP Statement?

Ans.: STOP Statement

STOP command is used to terminate program execution temporarily, and return to command level.

Q.27: – Name the types of operators used in BASIC Language.

Ans.:- Types of Operators

Types of BASIC language operators are as following:

0 Arithmetic Operators 0 r Relational Operators

0 Logical Operators

Q.28: – Write down the use of arithmetic operators.

Ans.:- Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic operators are used to perform arithmetic operations on values

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