Computer Science 9

Rawalpindi Board Group I Annual Examination, 2013


Time: 15 minutes Marks: 12

1.       The language prepared for artificial research is:

(a). LISP                                                 (b). JAVA                                          (c). C-HF                                          (d). Pascal

2. According to classification, Group of computers are:

(a). 1                                                      (B). 2                                                (C). 3                                                 (d). 4

3 . C.P.U consists of parts:

(a). 2                                                      (B). 3                                               (C). 4                                                   (d). 5

4. The type of device, not used both as input and output, is:

(a). Touch screen                             (B). Hard Disk                              (C). Floppy Disk                               (d). Monitor

4.Which type of ROM writes only one time data?

(a). ROM                                             (b). PROM                                    (c). EPROM                                        (d). EEPROM

6. (0.3) is equal to octal No:

(a). 0.2334                                        (b). 0.2414                                    (c). 0.2314                                            (d). 0.3014

7. There are Max Terms with Four variables in Boolean function.

(a). 8                                                  (B). 16                                           (C). 24                                                     (d). 32

8. The Command to delete all

(a). DEL*C                                     (b). DEL*.*                                        (c). DEL*                                                (d). DEL*

9 Extension of external Command is:

(a). COM                                    (b). EXE                                                (c). BAT                                                   (d). BAT,EXE,COM

10 G.U.I stands for:

(a). Graphical user interface (b). General user Interface       (c). Graphs utility icons                       (d). Grayed user interface

11. Digital data is stored in:

(a). Folders                              (b). Directories                                  (c). Files                                                    (d). Path

12. Shut down option exists in:

(a).Task bar                               (b). Start Menu                              (c). Desktop                                                (d). Title bar


Time: 2:45 Hours A Marks: 63


Q.2 Attempt any SIX parts e ’ [2 x 6 = 12]

(i) What is computer? (ii) What is meant by difference Engine?

(iii) Differentiate between analog and digital computer.

(iv) Write down any three positive impacts of computer and Internet on society.

(v)What is the difference between serial and parallel ports?

(vi) Define Control Unit. (vii) How does a dot matrix printer work?

(viii) How is mouse? (ix) What is meant by voice Recognition system?

Q.3 Attempt any FIVE parts: ” p [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) What is binary number system? (ii) Convert (29)10 into binary number system.

(iii) What is Unicode? (iv) Define data.

(v) Define icon. (vi) What are computer viruses?

(vii) What is multitasking? (viii) What is internet explorer?

Q.4 Attempt any FIVE parts: [2×5=10]

(i) How data is organized on magnetic tape? (ii) Define the compact disk.

(iii) Define the high level formatting.

(v) State the purpose of K-map.

(iv) Define the Boolean expression.

(vi) If x = 0 , y = 1 and z~= 0, then find the value of 3c’.y + 35.5 + xi

(vii) Define the batch file.

(viii) Write down some important functions of operating system.


Note:- Attempt any Three Question. [7 X 3 = 21]

Q.5 (a) Write a note on third Generation. [3]

(b) Write a note on data bus and address bus. [4]

Q.6 (a) Define input device and -write down the names of its types. [4]

(b) Differentiate between SRAM and DRAM. [3]

Q.7 (a) Solve using 2’s Complement method. 37 – 17. [7]

Q.8 (a) What are different elements of Boolean algebra? ‘ [7]

Q.9 (a) Write down any four difference between DOS and Windows. [4]

(b) What is computer virus and what are the means of virus? [3]

Practical PART- lll

Note: – Attempt any One Question.[5×2=10]

Q.10. (a) How would you close and restore the window? [5]

(b) How would you‘ set date and time in window? [5]

Q.11. (a) How would you arrange desktop icons? [5]

(b) I-low would you view and empty the Recycle Bin? [5]

Q.12. (a) How would you get help in Windows Operating system? [5]

(b) Write down the steps to shutdown and restart the computer. [5]