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Q1.  MCQ         (10)

1. The study of living things is called.
(a) Biotechnology      (b) Biology      (c) Chemistry      (d) Farming
2. The microscopic study of tissues is called:
(a) Histology      (b) Morphology      (c) Microbiology      (d) Cytology
3. Basic metabolism of photosynthesis and respiration is studied in:
(a) Bio-technology      (b) Bio-chemistry       (c) Biophysics       (d) Biometry
4. Water makes the composition of protoplasm of living things:
(a) 60 – 70 %      (b) 70 – 75 %      (c) 80 – 90 %      (d) 95%
5. Al-Qanun-fi al-Tib  is the famous book of:
(a) Jabir Bin Hayan    (b) Abdul Malik Asmai    (c) Bu Ali Sina    (d) Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan
6. Example of macro molecule is:
(a) Water      (b) Glucose      (c) Starch      (d) All of these
7. Scientific name of frog is:
(a) Rana tigrina      (b) Brassica campestris      (c) Homo sapiens      (d) Allium cepa
8. Which of the following is a complex community:
(a) A forest community                                                 (b) A pond community
(c) A fallen log with various population under it    (d) Both a and b
9. Colonial organization is found in:
(a) Amoeba      (b) Paramecium      (c) Volvox      (d) All of these
10. The part of the earth inhabited by organism’s communities is known as:
(a) Habitat      (b) Ecosystem      (c) Biosphere      (d) Jungle

Q. 2   Short Questions       (15)

a. Define Biochemistry.
b. Define different divisions of Biology.
c. Which are different types of biomolecules? Define them.
d. Differentiate between vegetative and reproductive organs?
e. What is volvox?

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