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 Paper: English              Class: 9           Time Allowed: One Hour                  Marks: 25 

Q. 1 (A)Choose the correct form of verb: (5)
1. You should …………….. to sleep at ten.
(a) go (b) goes (c) went (d) gone
2. They have not been ………….. anything since morning.
(a) eat (b) ate (c) eaten (d) eating
3. I was going to airport when I ………….. her.
(a) saw (b) see (c) seen (d) was seeing
4. He looked tired as he had been ……………… for ten hours.
(a) worked (b) working (c) works (d) work
5. She will be ………………… her lesson in music in the morning.
(a) take (b) took (c) taken (d) taking
(B) Choose the correct meanings of the underlined word. (5)
6. Population increase has given rise to immense noise pollution largely. ‘ Immense’ means:
(a) huge (b) small (c) excessive (d) strict
7. The government must utilize means to control unwarranted noise levels.
(a) ban (b) consider (c) apply (d) levy
8. Students are easily distracted by the loud noise of TV or electricity generators.
(a) enjoyed (b) confused (c) pleased (d) disturbed
9. Sometimes, mobile phones, generators, music systems of TV etc. become irritants.
(a) annoying (b) pleasing (c) confusing (d) exciting
10. Some people use electricity generators excessively in residential areas and put all residents ill, at ease.
(a) particularly (b) especially (c) greatly (d) similarly

Q.2 Answer the following questions. (10)
(i) How do you define noise pollution?
(ii) How is transport a source of noise pollution?
(iii) How is the use of technology causing noise polllution?
(iv) Why is noise hazardous for human health?
(v) What harmful effects noise pollution is causing on human health?

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