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 Paper: English              Class: 9           Time Allowed: One Hour                  Marks: 25 

Q. 1 (A)Choose the correct form of verb: (5)
1. They …………… tea every morning.
(a) take (b) takes (c) took (d) are taking
2. He has not …………… to me since March.
(a) speak (b) spoken (c) been speaking (d) spoke
3. I ……………… this motor bike only a month ago.
(a) buys (b) bought (c) am buying (d) was buying
4. I had never ………………. snow before I went to Murree.
(a) see (b) sees (c) saw (d) seen
5. She ……………… had for the competition.
(a) work (b) worked (c) works (d) has worked
(B) Choose the correct meanings of the underlined word. (5)
6. Drugs are considered severely harmful for human health.
(a) useful (b) beneficial (c) injurious (d) helpful
7. Drug addicts aware of the dangers of drugs.
(a) ignorant (b) unknown (c) well-known (d) well-informed
8. There was sounds of dawny flake.
(a) water fall (b) chirping (c) soft snow (d) singing
9. Families consider it a taboo to talk about the problems of a drug abuser.
(a) forbidden (b) necessary (c) hidrence (d) threat
10. The drug abuser should be taken to the rehabilitation center.
(a) restoration (b) training (c) entertainment (d) playing

Q.2 Answer the following questions. (10)
(i) What are the effects of drug addiction?
(ii) What are the causes of drug addiction?
(iii) What is the role of counse lling in preventing drug addiction?
(iv) Are drug addicts aware of the dangers of drugs?
(v) Describe some kinds of drugs that cause disturbance of mind and body.

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