English 9 test7

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 Paper: English              Class: 9           Time Allowed: One Hour                  Marks: 25 

Q. 1 (A)Choose the correct form of verb: (5)
1. My brother has not ………….. to me for ten years.
(a) been writing (b) writes (c) wrote (d) written
2. He went home after he ………….. his work.
(a) finish (b) finishes (c) finishing (d) had finished
3. I ………….. for you at the usual time.
(a) wait (b) shall wait (c) was waiting (d) am waiting
4. They ……………. hockey at that time.
(a) plays (b) play (c) are playing (d) will be playing
5. These mangoes …………… the market by April.
(a) reach (b) reaches (c) reached (d) will reach
(B) Choose the correct meanings of the underlined word. (5)
6. The patient was gradually making recovery.
(a) quickly (b) steadily (c) speedily (d) hurriedly
7. The phrase ‘frozen to the ground’ means:
(a) frightened (b) calm (c) motionless (d) restless
8. We will have to recruit more nurses.
(a) discharge (b) transfer (c) employ (d) spare
9. She was lying on bed in a miserable state.
(a) comfortable (b) better (c) enjoyable (d) depressed
10. She ‘made up her mind’ means:
(a) rejected (b) accepted (c) decided (d) thought

Q.2 Answer the following questions. (10)
(i) Why did the nurse ask Hira’s sister to come and talk to her?
(ii) Why did the nurse disagree with the doctor’s point of view?
(iii) Describe some qualities of the personality of the nurse in the story.
(iv) Why did the nurse say: “Where there is a will there is a way”?
(v) What is an ICU in a hospital?

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