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 Paper: English              Class: 9           Time Allowed: One Hour                  Marks: 25 

Q. 1 (A)Choose the correct form of verb: (5)
1. They always …….. back home late.
(a) comes    (b) come    (c) has come    (d) came
2. He ……… in the sun for one hour.
(a) has stood    (b) is standing    (c) has been standing    (d) will stand
3. They …….. their breakfast after they had washed.
(a) took    (b) taken    (c) had taken    (d) will take
4. I hope it ……… raining by evening.
(a) will stop    (b) will have stopped    (c) stops    (d) stopped
5. She ……… her lesson in French in the morning.
(a) do    (b) did    (c) done    (d) is doing
(B) Choose the correct meanings of the underlined word. (5)
6. The period of waiting had come to a close.
(a) started    (b) commenced    (c) ended    (d) cleared
7. The flow of Divine message continued for the next twenty three years.
(a) people    (b) God    (c) angel    (d) religious
8. The pagan Arabs started to mount pressure on the Holy Prophet.
(a) religious    (b) modern    (c) old fashioned    (d) non – muslim
9. The delegation told Abu Talib to restrain the Holy Prophet from preaching Allah’s message.
(a) promote    (b) stop    (c) avoid    (d) help
10. “ I shall not abandon the proclamation of the Oneness of Allah.”
(a) preach    (b) summon    (c) take up    (d) give up

Q.2 Answer the following questions. (10)
(i) Where is Makkah situated?
(ii) What type of competition was held at Ukaz?
(iii) Where were the poetical competitions held?
(iv) What did Hammad say to caliph Walid-bin-Yazid?
(v) Who were eloquent people?

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