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Name:______________________________              Section:_______

 Paper: English              Class: 9           Time Allowed: One Hour                  Marks: 75

NOTE: You have four choices for each objective type question as a, b, c and d. The choice which you think is correct; fill that circle in front of that question number. Use marker or pen to fill the circle. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.
Q.1                                                                                                                    Maximum Marks: 19
(A) Choose the correct form of verb:
1. Shahida …………………. a sad song today.
(a) sangs (b) sings (c) sung (d) is singing
2. He ……………….. twenty minutes ago.
(a) leaves (b) left (c) has left (d) was leaving
3. They …………….. all night.
(a) travels (b) will travel (c) has traveled (d) has traveling
4. I hope it ………………… raining by evening.
(a) stops (b) stopped (c) will stop (d) has stopped
5. I have already ……………… the letter.
(a) post (b) posted (c) posting (d) posts
(B) Choose the word with correct spellings:
6. (a) deunz (b) deunez (c) dunes (d) dunez
7. (a) monuments (b) monoments (c) munuments (d) monomants
8. (a) formhouce (b) farmhous (c) farmhouze (d) farmhouse
9. (a) nurology (b) neorology (c) newrology (d) nuralogy
(C) Choose the correct meanings of the underlined word:
10. Abu Jehl began knocking at the door violently.
(a) politely (b) slowly (c) forcefully (d) angrily
11. The Arabs possessed a remarkable memory.
(a) durable (b) eloquent (c) vast (d) amazing
12. The word versatile means:
(a) nice (b) glamorous (c) fashionable (d) simple
13. We are divided into bits and pieces on certain issues. The underlined words mean:
(a) broken into pieces (b) pieces of cloth (c) sections (d) disunited
14. She had a resolute faith in Allah.
(a) weak (b) firm (c) unconvincing (d) never
(D) Choose the correct option according to the grammar:
15. The battalion was moving towards the enemy.
(a) collective noun (b) material noun (c) proper noun (d) abstract noun
16. He has been playing football for a long time. The underlined word is a/an:
(a) noun (b) pronoun (c) preposition (d) article
17. Today he slept least in the week. The underlined word is a/an:
(a) positive degree (b) comparative degree
(c) superlative degree (d) none of these
18. It rained last year. The underlined word is a/an:
(a) adverb of manner (b) adverb of place (c) adverb of time (d) adverb of degree

19. The correct pronunciation of ‘cup’ is:
(a) kap (b) kΛp (c) kp (d) kæp





















Time Allowed: 2 Hours                                                                        Maximum Marks: 56

(Section – I)

Q.2 Answer any FIVE of the following questions. (5 × 2 = 10)
(i) What was the condition of mankind before the advent of Islam?
(ii) Which incident in the story tells about the generosity of Hazrat Asma ?
(iii) As a citizen fo Pakistan what are your duties towards your country?
(iv) How is the use of technology causing noise pollution?
(v) What was Quaid’s concept of our nation?
(vi) What do the daffodils represent is the poem?
(vii) What is an ICU in a hospital?
(viii) Are drug addicts aware of the dangers of drugs?

(Section – II)

Q.3 Translate any two of the following paragraphs into Urdu / Rewrite into simple English. (4 + 4)
(a) Patriotism means love for the motherland or devotion to one’s country. A patriot loves his country and is willing to sacrifice when the need arises. The word patriot come from the Latin word ‘patriota’ which means countryman. It is considered a commendable quality.
(b) Drug addiction is a common problem all over the world today. There are many forms of drug addiction, but the most dangerous of all is the absolute dependence on it. Long-term use of drugs causes permanent mental and physical sickness. The more dangerous a substance is used the more risky it becomes. Its continuous use causes total dependence on the drug. Some kinds of drugs that cause disturbance of mind and body are heroin, marijuana, tobacco, valium, cocaine and alcohol.
(c) Today the Quaid’s Pakistan is facing numerous challenges. We have forgotten how much struggle Muslims had made under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Who can overcome our present difficulties by following the Quaid’s golden motto, “Faith, Unity and Discipline”. We can make our nation strong by remembering his advice to the youth, “It is now up to you to work, work and work; and we are bound to succeed.”
Rewrite any two above paragraph into simple English.
Q.4 Write down the summary of the poem “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth (OR) (5)
Paraphrase the following lines into simple English with reference to the context.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Q.5 Use any FIVE of the following words / phrases / idioms in your own sentences. (5)
(i) galvanize (ii) traditions (iii) unparallel (iv) constructive role
(v) raise awareness (vi) to keep an eye (vii) integral (viii) information

Q.6 Write a letter to your brother requesting him to lend his camera. (8)
(OR) Write a story about “Haste makes waste”.
(OR) Write a dialogue between a teacher and a student regarding punctuality and regularity.

Q.7 Read the following passage and answer the question given at the end. (5 × 2 = 10)
A professional player is quite different from an amateur. His main aim is to make money. He plays the
game to earn money or to win a name. On the other hand the amateur player has no such aim. He
plays because he gets pleasure in playing. Games not only give him recreation but also physical
exercise. He enjoys good health and sound physique. He plays the game as he should. He observes
all the rules and regulations of the games. The amateur player plays honestly. He becomes a
disciplined gentleman and a responsible citizen. He accepts defeat but does not resort to cheating or
other unfair means to win. If he wins a game, he feels happy but he is not said the losing one.

(i) What is meant by a professional player?
(ii) With what aim does he play games?
(iii) What makes an amateur player a responsible citizen?
(iv) What qualities of true sportsmanship does a professional player lack?
(v) How does an amateur player different from a professional player?

Q.8 Translate any FIVE of the following sentences into English: (5)

Q.9 Change the Voice of the following:
(i) She likes apples.
(ii) The wall is being climbed up by the boy.
(iii) We did not hear a sound.
(iv) A horse has been bought by them.
(v) Ring the bell.

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