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Name:______________________________              Section:_______

 Paper: English              Class: 8           Time Allowed: 30 mins                Marks: 15

Objective Type:15

Q#01:Choose the correct adjective.                                                            /5

1. Ahsfaq ahmed was a __________ writer.

(a)famed                     (b)famous                    (c)infamous

2. This is a very ____________ seminar.

(a) information           (b)informative (c)informing

3. My mother becomes __________ if I get him late.

(a)anxiety                    (b)anxious                   (c)anxiest

4. It is ____________ to get the correct information from the university office.

(a)adviasable              (b)advisible                 (c)advising

5. Who is ___________ for this chaos.

(a)responding              (b)responsible             (c)responsive

Q#02:Put the correct verb in blanks                                                            /5

1. I   _____ living in this house since 1970

(a)has been                 (b)have been               (c)will be

2.  He ________ here yesterday.

(a)has come                (b)came                       (c)will come

3.  If you ____ I shall be available.

(a)wil come                 (b)come                       (c)came

4.  He ________ take the examination next year

(a)will have                 (b)will                          (c)will be

5.  He __________ to us tomorrow.

(a)comes                     (b)come                       (c)had come

Q#03:Complete the sentences using the correct form of verb given below.      /5

(Help, sell,  go, play, invite)

1.  If i see Aslam, I ,ll _______ him to dinner tomorrow.

2.  If you__________ trick on people,they will n,t trust you again.

3.  If I ____________ out ,I ,ll turn of T.V

4.  If  the farmer ___________ all his kiwi-fruit in the market ,he will be very pleased.

5.  I ,ll _______ you with your home work if can.



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