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 Paper: English A                         Class: 6                               Time Allowed: one Hour                                     Marks: 48

Objective Type

Q. Encircle the the correct answer from the following choice.

1. ”Fragrance ” means………………..
(a) Clear   (b) delightful     (c) Sweet smell   (d) Surrounding

2. Fakhir ……………..swim better than his friend.
(a)  must   (b) can  (c) should   (d) may

3. I was busy ………..I did not telephone him.
(a) but   (b) because   (c) if   (d) if

4. Which of the following is correct translation?
(a) They are speaking the lie. (b) They were speaking the lie.(c) They are telling a lie. (d) They were telling a lie.

5. ………..from of an animate noun shows possession.
(a) possessive  (b) progressive (c) proper  (d) common

6. The adverb in the following sentence is :You do not run fast.
(a) do   (b) run   (c) fast   (d) you

7. “ Alert’’ means :
(a) place  (b) watchful  (c) command  (d) amuse

8. Model verb used for the ability or inability is :
(a) will     (b) may    (c)  can    (d) must

9. Past participate from of verb “sleep” is ……………
(a) sleeps    (b) slept    (c) sleeping     (d) sleep

10. Tea is ………. Hot .
(a) never   (b) here    (c) very    (d) soon

11. Sara is looking for ………watch .
(a) his    (b) its    (c) my    (d) her

Read the passage carefully and answer the (12,13,14)
The Kalash are found of music and dance . They perform their special dances at different festivals. Their performance in these dances and their friendly nature enchant the visitors.

12. What are the Kalash found of ?
(a) playing   (b) running   (c) dancing  (d) reading

13. Where do the Kalash perform their special dances .
(a) at concerts   (b) at festivals  (c) at school  (d) at wedding

14. “Enchant ” means:
(a) to hate  (b) to darken (c) to delight  (d) to make

15. What type of sentence is , Are you going to the market?
(a)Interrogative (b) negative   (c) declarative   (d) exclamatory

16. ……….. is a name of specific person , place or thing.
(a) verb   (b) common noun  (c) adjective  (d) proper noun

17. The uncountable noun in the sentence “she drink cold water” is:
(a) drinks   (b)  water  (c) she   (d) cold

18. Which of the following is correct translation ?
“ She is stitching clothes”

19. Choose the word with long vowel sound .
(a) feel   (b) will  (c)  fill  (d) hill

20. She is …………honest girl
(a) the  (b) an  (c) a  (d) in

21. Choose the correct preposition “ the dog ran ……….the cat”
(a) above   (b) among   (c) up   (d) after

22. A………..sails over water .
(a) ship   (b) sheep   (c) seat    9d) sit

23. I saw …….there
(a) Anybody    (b) nobody   (c) something (d) anything

24. The book is …………the table .
(a) in   (b) at   (c) of    (d)  on 

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