Chapter No. 7Complete Chapter TestPhysics 9

Properties of Matter Test 14

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.The liquid pressure will ______ with increase in depth
a) increase          b) decrease              c) not change             d) none
2.The S.I unit of young’s modulus is:
a) Nm             b)  Nm2               c) Nm2              d) all
3.Mass per unit volume is called
a) pressure               b) density           c) weight            d) stress
4.What is the unit for strain?
a) no unit             b) Nm-1

c) Nm-2           d) none of these
5.The pressure of a gas in a container depends upon:
a) temperature                b) type of a gas

c) volume of container             d) shape of container
6.The molecules in gases are
a) closely packed           b) loosely packed

c) much far apart           d) none of these
7.Matter is composed of very small particles called
a) electrons              b) protons

c) molecules           d) neutrons
8.The attractive forces between the molecules of solid are
a) less weak              b) very weak

c) very strong          d) none of these
9.The S.I unit of density is
a) liter           b) kgm-2
c)kgm-3         d) Nm
10.The density of a substance can be found with a help of :
a) Pascal’s law             b) Archimedes principle

c) hook’s law                 d) principal of floatation

Q2. Write short answers to these questions: (15) 
1.The density of air is 1.3 kg .. Find the mass of air in a room measuring 8mx5mx4m.
2.What do you mean by young’s modulus?
3.Why does the atmospheric pressure vary with attitude?
4.What is upthurst force.؟
5.Define the term pressure write its formula and S1 unit.

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