Physical Quantities and Measurement Test1

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.The unit of pressure in SI is……
a) column              b) Newton             c) m/s           d) Pascal
2.Which one of the following is not a derived unit?
a) pascal             b) kilogram            c) newton           d) watt
3.What is the unit of length in SI units?
a) kilometer           b) milimeter            c) centimeter          d) meter
4.Kelvin is the SI unit of:
a) mass              b) length            c) temperature                d) amount of a substance
5.2.65 is rounded to:
a) 2.7            b) 2.8           c) 2.6             d) 3
6.The branch of science which deals with the study of matter, energy and their mutual relationship is called
a) Mechanics           b) Kinematics            c) Dynamics           d) Physics
7.Pitch of the screw gauge is:
a) 1mm            b) 0.1cm          c) 0.1mm           d) zero
8.A student claimed the diameter of a wire as 1.032cm using vernire calipers up to what extent do you agree with it?
a) 1cm            b) 1.0cm            c) 1.03cm         d) 1.032
9.The distance between the consecutive threads on the spindle is
a) 1mm         b) 1cm         c) 0.1mm        d) 0.1cm
10.The term used internationally for multiple and sub-multiples is known as:
a) Standard     b) Scientific Notation        c) Prefixes         d) Significant figures

Q2.Write short answers to these questions: (15 ) 
1.What do you know about measuring cylinder ?
2.What is meant by multiples and sub-multiples?
3.Write a short note on measuring tape?
4.Define Geo Physics.
5.Define Electricity and Magnestism?

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