The Higher Education Commission

The Higher Education Commission:

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has approved to continue the two-year Bachelors and Masters program in all universities across the country till 2022. According to media reports, the HEC has approved the continuation of two-year bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in universities till 2022, now students can easily get admission in any department and get bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In an interview to a private TV channel, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Peshawar, Dr. Muhammad Idrees, said that the HEC had approved the continuation of the two-year degree program and now the students were facing some difficulties in this regard. They will not have to enroll in any field by 2022 and get a bachelor’s and master’s degree. It may be recalled that in November last year, the HEC had issued orders to all the universities across the country to end the two-year degree program and not to admit them in future. A series of protests by teachers and student organizations against this decision. Continued and the HEC was forced to reverse its decision. Teachers and students are welcoming this decision of the HEC.