The emperor of meaningful words

The emperor of meaningful words:

The Senate was meeting under the chairmanship of Noor Jahan Panezai from Balochistan. (This is about the days when the government decided to impose surcharge on electricity bills for the first time and there was a strong reaction from the opposition and the people.) Hafiz Hussain Ahmed stood up and said: Would you like to tell? The question was still incomplete when Sartaj Aziz got up and said, “Yes! Explain to them, get my name right. ” When Hafiz Sahib was asked to take the correct name, Hafiz Sahib said: “I read the mention of Sarchar J in the newspaper today, it is possible that he is stuck. But the minister should give his correct name so that he can be called by that name. ” Sartaj Aziz with his red face got very angry and said: “My name is Sartaj Sartaj !! !!! It was too late to say that Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said: Ms. Chairperson! Can you call him Sartaj (husband means)? Dr. Noor Jahan locked Panezi’s lips for a few moments; then said: “I can’t say no.” Hafiz Hussain Ahmed stood up and said: How can we get the right name when you can’t get it right? Wasim Sajjad was presiding over the meeting of the Senate. It was the habit of Iqbal Haider (late) to get up from the meeting and sit in the room next to Karhal and smoke cigarettes.

The Chairman asked: Where is Iqbal Haider? Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said, “We have gone to drink.” When the whole hall started laughing, Iqbal Haider immediately entered and said: “Mr. Chairman! They have slandered me. ” Iqbal Haider had turned red and yellow with anger. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed got up and said: “Mr. Chairman! You ask them, did they not smoke? I also said that they have gone to drink. ……

Dr. Ashraf Abbasi was the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Speaker Meraj Khalid went on a foreign tour. Now Ashraf Abbasi was to preside over the meeting as the acting speaker. The only problem was with Hafiz Hussain Ahmed to control them somehow. After deliberation, Dr. Ashraf Abbasi decided to have a meeting with Hafiz Hussain Ahmed. She came to the MNA hostel at 10.30 pm thinking of this. In the room, she started saying to a religious scholar from Karachi, “Hafiz Sahib is very annoying, explain to him, let the meeting be calm. In the presence of a third party, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed and Dr. Ashraf Abbasi agreed that Hafiz Hussain Ahmed would not bother. When the meeting started the next day, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed got up and when he wanted to speak, Dr. Ashraf Abbasi angrily told him to sit down. After a pause of a few minutes, he got up again and the doctor repeated his previous sentence. It happened again. When Hafiz Hussain Ahmed got up for the fourth time,

Dr. Ashraf Abbasi shook his head. Hafiz Sahib said: “I am announcing the breaking of the night agreement.” It was too late to say that Dr. Ashraf Abbasi addressing the Speaker’s chair began to say: No, no Hafiz Sahib! The agreement will remain in force. All the members were amazed at the agreement of the night, which was a mystery to the members. Malik Meraj Khalid was the Speaker of the National Assembly. Aitzaz Ahsan was the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs. But Aitzaz Ahsan came to the speaker and said: I am in a hurry today, ask Hafiz Hussain Ahmed to ask a question. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said: Minister would like to tell you what is in a hurry?

Aitzaz Ahsan: Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (Prime Minister) is dying. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed: On whom? It was too late to say that the noise started. The members of the ruling party started saying that these statements are objectionable, we will walk out, otherwise Hafiz Sahib will take back his words. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed: Which words are objectionable, I have given a very long speech, do I know which ones have become objectionable? Miraj Khalid: Those who are objectionable. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed: How will I know? Aitzaz Ahsan: What did he say? Hafiz Hussain Ahmad: Mr. Speaker! I meant that if she is going by helicopter then she should go and if she is going by road then the minister can go to his car later. I asked: Who is she dying for? By car or by helicopter? ” PPP members stood up again and said: “No! Hafiz Sahib’s intention is not right. ”Jahangir Badar was also among the speakers. Hafiz Hussain Ahmad: Mr. Speaker! I know my intention, how did they know my intention? What do the great women who have become members of these fritters think of their own leader?

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