The boy asked for a picture and you gave it to him.

The boy asked for a picture and you gave it to him.
The boy asked for the number and you gave it.
The boy said you made the video call, you did,
The boy asked to remove the dupatta. You removed it.
The boy wanted to see something, and you did.
The boy asked to meet. You deceived your parents and went to meet your lover.
The boy sat in the garden and complimented you and showed you the lush garden you saw.
Then while drinking juice at Juice Corner, the boy touched his hand and gestured, but no matter, now is the modern age, it all works.
Then the boy talked about taking a room in the hotel, you refused shyly saying that it doesn’t look good before marriage.
Then two or three times you get ready to go to the hotel room.
You both did well together. In the name of understanding, the bride and groom became brides.
Then one day there was a quarrel and it all ended because the end of haraam relationships is something like this.
But but but …
The man here is wrong, he’s a wolf, he’s a criminal, he’s everything, because you didn’t take the picture, he forcibly broke into your cell phone and took the picture.
You didn’t give your number. The boy himself took the number from your mobile.
You didn’t make a video call, the guy himself arrived at your house to watch you live,
Even at Jose Corner he forcibly took you to Gun Point,
He even forcibly took you from your house to the hotel room. The culprit is only a boy. You are not at all because you are a girl of ten or twelve years old and you do not understand?
But even seeing these corpses lying in the garbage doesn’t make sense to you?
Do these head-to-head torsos hurt your intellect?
These days of increasing cases of abuse on social media do not tell you anything?
Go to Jose Corner, give your nude photos to a non-male.
Did you not know that in a hotel room or on the four walls the thirst of the bodies is quenched, the rags of shame are scattered naked?
Everyone knew you, everyone knew you.
Love stories are not written in hotel rooms, religious teachings are not learned there, there are no places of worship.
Then the majestic four boys raped the group.
Why are you going to the same boy?
What do you think of the one who takes care of your honor who is taking you for the same purpose?
Acknowledge your mistake and leave it to my will on social media.
No harm can come to you if you stay within your limits and when you are ready don’t call it rape or abuse but,
Don’t call it sexual harassment,
Call it understanding,
Call it sexual lust,
Call it enjoyment
Call it entertainment,
Call it a two-way need,
Call it time pass again,
Call it modernism,
Call it fashion,
But this is not rape.
God save yourself from this mess.