Sad news for the Muslim community

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Sad news for the Muslim community

The Special Representative from Islamabad has reported

At the behest of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the federal cabinet approved in principle the inclusion of Qadianis in the National Commission for Minorities

qadianis in pakistan
qadianis in pakistan

as non-Muslims for the first time in the country’s history.

And so they got all those minority rights

Which all other minorities have.
The right to worship of one’s own free will, place of worship of one’s own choice, etc.)

The Qadianis had made strenuous efforts to achieve these minority rights from day one

But each time they failed, but two days ago the government quietly accepted their long-standing demand.

Let’s go back, far behind.

And what is it.
Qadianis have been demanding their minority rights by recognizing themselves as a minority from day one but they are not being given minority rights. what are their minority rights and why are they not being given? While the rest are minorities.
This film is very interesting but the condition is that you have to read the whole text carefully. Qadianis were declared as infidels i.e non-Muslims but there was only one thing left They say it was a mistake but it was not Bhutto’s fault. Bhutto did it right. What was left was that he was declared a non-Muslim but what would be his religion? How will they be worshiped? What will be the method of calling them to the place of worship? What will be their religious book? And what will be the name of their place of worship? It was not decided.
He left this thing for the time to come, but it was commanded that they should not worship and worship in the same way as the Muslims, so that other people would not be deceived and consider them Muslims. He could not give the call to prayer, he could not write the word, he could not hold the Holy Qur’an, he could not write the mosque for his place of worship.
Before they were declared infidels, they used to offer our prayers. They used to call our Qur’an as their book. They used to fast like our fast. They should have given up our religion. Leaving our prayers, leaving our Qur’an, leaving the lives of our mosques.
We did not mind making it our new prophet. We didn’t mind inventing this new book. We did not mind inventing our own adhan. We didn’t mind making it our own kind of worship. We didn’t mind making it a separate place of worship.
This was a very severe punishment for them. It was like death to them. They wanted to worship in public like other religions, they wanted to fast, they wanted to give azans.
But since they were declared infidels, it has stopped. Police began patrolling their areas. From their homes, houses, offices, schools and places of worship, the Kalima Tayyaba and the name of Allah began to be erased. Wherever it was suspected that these were Muslim shows, the marks were erased. If anyone was caught reciting the Qadiani Kalima, the police would hand him over. If they tried to call to prayer or pray in public as before, the police would pick them up and send them to jail. Gradually, Islam was taken out of their lives.
My little Facebook kids don’t know this. All this was by no means acceptable to the Qadianis. He had an option to repent from Qadianism and return to Islam, but unfortunately he did not return.
I want to tell the little Facebook kids that even today, if the police catch a Qadiani reciting Adhan or reciting it, they send him straight to jail … Eleven years have passed from 73 AD to 1984. Qadiani kept trying during this time. We should be considered as a minority, we should be considered as infidels, but we should be given equal rights with other non-Muslims, we should be given the opportunity to worship in public like them and it could not be that they faced disappointment from everywhere. In 1984, he decided to knock on the door of the court to claim minority rights to claim a minority … The court said that because it is a religious matter, it should be taken to a sharia court.
Therefore, the petition was filed in the Federal Shariah Court. Here is the reference number.
Shariat Application No. 17 / I 1984
Shariat Application No. 2L 1984
This request was made by two Qadianis. Whose names are these.
1. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman etc. on behalf of the Federal Government.  2. Retired Abdul Wajid etc. on behalf of the Attorney General of Pakistan
Here are the names of the judges of this Shariah court who were hearing the case.
Justice Fakhr Alam Chief Justice, Chaudhry Muhammad Siddique Justice, Maulana Malik Ghulam Ali Justice, Maulana Abdul Qaddos Qasmi Justice
Apart from the lawyers in the case, the names of the scholars who assisted the lawyers were as follows.
1. Judge Mujeeb-ur-Rehman.

2. Professor Mohammad Ahmad Ghazi

3. Mohammad Sadruddin Al Rafi

4. Allama Tajuddin Haidari.

5. Prof. Muhammad Ashraf

6. Allama Mirza Muhammad Yusuf

7. Prof. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, These were the names of the lawyers presented by the Muslims.
Haji Shaikh Ghias Muhammad Advocate. Mr. M.B. Zaman .Advocate. Dr. Syed Riazul Hassan. Gillani, Advocate.
The position of the Qadianis in the case was because we have been declared a minority but we are still not allowed to worship according to our own way They took the position that every human being should follow his own religion and be religious. The right to perform rituals and worship. All other minorities in Pakistan also have this right

Ruff Qadianis are not being allowed to worship but they are being caught and locked up in police stations and jails … This was a very terrible move of Qadianis. They were acknowledging themselves as non-Muslims in the petition but what they were asking for in return was horrible. If they were allowed to worship under minority rights, they would remain only nominal Qadianis, but they would have all the permissions under which they would worship like Muslims, build mosques and worship whatever Muslims worship. This was the biggest case in the history of the country in terms of Qadianism in which it seemed that Muslims would lose this case because no religion in the world has written in law and constitution that anyone A person should not be given the right to worship according to his own will. In the constitution and law of Pakistan itself and also in Islam, every person has the right to worship according to his own will and there is no restriction on building his own place of worship. Then you have the right to call your place of worship by your own name. For example, Sikhs can build their own Gurdwara and name it Gurdwara. Hindus can build temples. Temples can be called temples. Christians can build a church, they can call it a church. But the Qadianis were not allowed to build a mosque nor were they allowed to call their place of worship a mosque .. The hearing of the case went on for many months and many small arguments were discussed on both sides. And finally the Shariah court ruled on the case on August 12, 1984. The 184-page judgment clearly states that the Qadianis are liars, reciting the Qur’an to allow them to perform open acts of worship like other religions. To build mosques, to read the word, to write the word and to call oneself a Muslim cannot be allowed,
That is, they could have called Ghulam Qadiani’s books religious books instead of the Qur’an. They could worship by dancing instead of praying. Screaming instead of the call to prayer could call people to worship. Instead of a mosque, they could call their place of worship a railway station or some other station. Instead of the word, Ghulam Qadiani could write ear-drops on his place of worship, but he could not do anything like Muslims (all these suggestions are mine, not the court’s this is one of the Qadianis It was a great defeat. Qadiani was declared a kaafir by the court for the second time. Now he was looking for another opportunity. This opportunity comes to him 29 years after this decision in 2013.

On September 22, 2013, a church in Peshawar was attacked and many people were killed. The then Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jilani constituted a three-member bench to ensure the protection of the lives, property and places of worship of minorities in the light of Article 20 of the Constitution. It was a kind of lottery for the Qadianis. Asma Jahangir was alive and the atmosphere was conducive. The three-member bench decided on June 19, 2014 to set up a minority commission. “We believe that if the authorities had taken immediate action against those who desecrated the places of worship of religious minorities, such incidents would have been prevented a long time ago,” the ruling said.

A few days after the decision, a public assembly was convened by the People’s Commission for Minority Rights at a large hotel in Lahore, which included about 300 journalists, intellectuals, labor leaders, members of various political parties, the National and Provincial Assemblies and lawyers. The Assembly drafted the Minority Commission Act. It specifically recommended the establishment of a special police force to protect places of worship, ie the places of worship of the Qadianis that were monitored by the police to ensure that no legal violations were taking place. This Minority Commission was set up for the freedom of worship of all minorities. On August 10, 2018, on the occasion of the National Day of Minorities, a convention representing minorities in Lahore called on the Pakistani government to Immediately set up an empowered National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of Minorities. Note that the National Commission for the Rights of Minorities was referred to the Ministry of Religious Affairs under Rules of Business 1973 Schedule 2, (12) 34. The Commission’s final status and revised TORs were re-notified in 2014. Subsequently, the Commission was again notified for three years on the directions of the aforesaid decision of the Supreme Court.

Where did the present government come from and show cunning and involve the Qadianis in it. The members of the minority commission opined that for the autonomy of the commission, it is necessary to increase the minority community in it and also to make the chairman of the commission a minority member who may also be a Qadiani.

This summary of the members of the Minority Commission was sent to Religious Affairs. (Point No. 1)

The federal cabinet approved in principle the summary of the “National Commission for the Reorganization of Minorities” submitted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and laid down the rules for the commission that the majority of the commission members should belong to the minority community. Minority member should also be made the head of the commission (Point No. 2)

And members from the Ahmadi community should also be included in the commission (Point No. 3), according to Daily 92 News 29 April 2020.

As soon as Qadiani joined the commission and he had to, because in return he was going to get something that he could not get from the court in 1984. Because the Minority Commission openly worshiped all minorities

Lets. Orders protection of places of worship, otherwise this commission was not set up to sell birds.

The nonsense that the Qadianis do not consider themselves a minority is a lie. They are willing to consider themselves a minority a thousand times over for this price if in return they get the right to build mosques and worship like Muslims.

It was a great conspiracy .. The 1984 case testifies to the fact that the Qadianis have always tried to give them full freedom to worship as Muslims but each time they have failed .. and now this commission As soon as I joined, they would get everything they were begging for.

If you believe in the end of prophecy, then everyone should share this post at least twenty times to expose the conspiracies of the Qadianis, as well as inform your children about it so that in the future they He could also become a soldier of the end of prophethood and blacken the face of Qadianism

The more you contribute to it, the more Allah will reward you. Insha’Allah.