Never rely on selfishness for your own protection

Never rely on selfishness for your own protection
The worst massacre in human history: the burial of the dead has been going on for 25 years.


It was ordered that all the men be gathered together. The troops spread to the corners of the city. Breastfed babies were snatched from the mother’s lap. The men and boys who left the city on buses were forcibly taken down. Elders were not spared from eating sticks and coughing. All the men were gathered together and driven out of the city to a field.

There were thousands of people. The women were driving. Were grumbling. There were announcements.
“Don’t worry, no one will be told
Anyone who wants to get out of the city will be allowed to go safely. ”

Zaroqtar Ruti women were looking at the UN troops with pleading eyes. Who claimed that the city was in safe hands. But they were all helpless spectators.

Outside the city, in a vast field, human heads could be seen everywhere. Man with his head on the ground on his knees … Which at that time seemed to be a large herd of sheep. The field was filled with more than ten thousand people.

The sound of fire from one side. Crackle crackle crackle.

Hundreds of gunshots echoed at once. But in contrast, the human screams were so loud that the crackling of thousands of bullets was suppressed. There was a resurrection that took place. The mothers’ laps were aching. The wives were watching the crowns of their heads in agony. She was becoming a widow. The beards were weeping. The field, spread over hundreds of acres, contained nothing but blood, rags and half-dead groans. The bloody dance of the devil was going on. And humanity was dying.

The only fault of these sobbing beings was that they were Muslims.

On this day, eighty-year-olds saw the corpses of innocent grandchildren in agony before their eyes. There were many whose souls flew away with the intensity of grief.

When this bloody dance of the devil stopped for a while, machines were called in to dispose of thousands of corpses. Large graves were dug and five hundred. Thousands of corpses were dumped in one pit and filled with mud. It was also not noticed that there were some half-dead sobs and some survivors in this pile of corpses. The living were buried along with the dead.

The bodies were so large that the machines fell short. Countless corpses were left open and then turned to the weary women who were weeping at each other’s feet on all four sides of the field.

The naked dance of humanity began that even the beasts would be ashamed to see. Women who fainted from grief were also raped. Genghis II did not come to China even after satisfying his hunger for blood and sex. For the next several weeks, the whole city was on the brink of death. Thousands of people were shot dead and evacuated from UN refugee camps. In just two days, 50,000 unarmed Muslims were turned into living corpses.

It was the worst genocide in history. The story of oppression and barbarism is not thousands or hundreds of years old. Nor does it have to do with savage tribes or the pre-Islamic era. This was in 1995, when the world had established itself in a self-made civilized place. And this place was not a backward African country, but the modern European town of Srebrenica. And it happened right in front of the so-called UN peacekeeping forces, or rather behind them.

If you think I am exaggerating, read the statement of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on the Srebrenica incident, who said that the massacre was like a disgrace on the face of the United Nations. Will always be

After the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Bosnian Muslims announced the establishment of a separate homeland through a referendum. The state of Bosnia-Herzegovina had a Muslim majority who converted to Islam during the Ottoman period. And lived here for centuries. But the Serbs here were not happy with the separate state. They revolted with the help of Serbian forces. Meanwhile, Serbian forces laid siege to the Bosnian city of Srebrenica. The siege lasted for many years.

With the deployment of UN peacekeepers, it was formally announced that the area was now safe. But the announcement turned out to be a hoax. A few days later, Serb forces led by General Mladic captured the city. And immediately after the occupation, the inhumane series of genocide of Muslims began, on which history is still ashamed. Meanwhile, NATO forces maintained a criminal silence. Because it was a matter of Muslims.

Twenty-five years have passed from July 13, 1995 to July 13, 2020. Even today, the civilized world has failed to wash away this stigma. This is the only event in human history in which the burial of the dead has been going on for 25 years. Even today, rotten human bones are found in the vicinity of Srebrenica, and they are seen being buried by other people.

Stones lined up in different places are a sign that those who have no other identity are buried here. Except they were Muslims.

Srebrenica Field Where the massacre took place, grass now grows and flowers bloom. Life is born of dust. Withers. But in the whistling winds here

Even today there is a smell of blood. However, the world later acknowledged the negligence of the United Nations and the criminal silence of NATO in the genocide of Bosnian Muslims by Serb forces. Apologies were also sought in the case. But
Alas, the regret of this quick regret.

The first few years were tumultuous, but now the incident is slowly fading away. The world remembers World War I, the Cold War, and Hitler’s crimes against the Jews. But the massacre of Muslims is being forgotten. Some news broke on the 25th anniversary of the incident. Some of the documentaries have been re-shown and just.

Well, what about the others. How many of us know that such an event took place? The murder of ten thousand men and children should be so easily forgotten? This is the bloody history that we have to show to the world again and again.
The way 9/11 and other events are memorized in one go. Of course, we also need to be reminded. The so-called civilized societies have to keep telling their real times.

This is the only way we can make the ugly face of Muslim genocidal money on the pages of history forever.

Another great lesson for us in this case is to never rely on selfishness for your own protection. Unarmed people were evacuated from UN camps and killed. If NATO forces wanted, would they not allow the massacre of Serb generals to go beyond their borders? But Muslims continued to trust him. And barbarism prevailed over oppression. Your war is fought with your own strength. You can also search on Google by typing srebrenica muslim genocide. Oppression could lift the veil and open the eyes of our liberals here.