Computer Science 9

Multan Board 2013

Time: 15 minutes x Marks: 12


1. The command that is used to make folder:

(a). New                                               (b). Folder                                         (c). MD                                      (d). RD

2. The bar that 15 used to start program:

(a). Starting bar                              (b). Status bar                                   (c). Communication bar       (d). Title bar

3. The file can be opened by using Menu:

(a). Edit                                          (b). View                                                 (c). File                                       (d). Insert

4. Option used to remove the hardware is:

(a). Add/ Remove hardware   (b). Add/ Remove software            (c). Delete                                 (d). Format

5. Difference engine was invented in:

(a). 1820                                      (b). 1821                                               (c). 1822                                     (d). 1823

6. The types of computer are:

(a). 1                                            (b). 2                                                      (c). 3                                            (d). 4

7. The sequence of instructions given to the computer are:

(a). Word                                (b). Information                                  (c). Program                              (d). Software

8. The result that is displayed on the monitor is called:

(a). Hard Cop                        (b). Soft copy                                       (c). Sequence                            (d). Current

9. The device in hard disk used to search a data is called:

(a). Track                                (b). Sector                                           (c). Index                                     (d). Read/ Write head

10     -Bit coding scheme of computer is called:

(a). ASCII                           (b). EBCIDIC                                        (c). BCD                                          (d). Uni code

11. Boolean operator represented with Dot is:

(a). AND                              (b). OR                                                    (c). NOT                                          (d). XOR

12. The types of language translator are :

(a). 2                                   (b). 3                                                         (c). 4                                                  (d). 5


Time: 2:45 Hours s Marks: 63


Q.2. Attempt any SIX parts [2 x 6 = 12]

(i) Define computer

(ii) What is the rolel of Pascal in the invention of computer?

(iii) Define language translator. (iv) Write forenames of high level languages.

(v) Define system unit. C (vi) What are registers?

(vii) Define impact printer. ‘ (viii) Write names of two N on-impact printers.

(ix) Define pixel.

Q.3. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) What is the difference between data and information?

(ii) Convert A1.03 into binary number system.

(iii) Determine 2’s complement for 11000112. (iv) Write about Binary coded Decimal.

(v) Define disk drives ‘ (vi) What is the use of control panel? ‘

(vii) Write names of famous antivirus? (viii) Why are shortcuts used?

Q.4. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x_.5 = 10]

(i) How is data organized on magnetic tape? I .

(ii) What is the difference between main and secondary memory?

(iii) What is Compact disk? (iv) Define proposition.

(v) How is Boolean function simplified? _ (vi) Write three advantages of K-Map.

(vii) What is Command line interface? (viii) What is meantby wild card? .

PART- ll

Note: – Attempt any Three Questions [1 x 3 = 211

Q.5 (a) What do you know about Charles Babbage. [3]

(b) Write note on hardware and software [4]

Q.6 (a) Write note on monitor [4]

(b) What are types of ROM? ‘ [3]

Q.7 (a) What are main types of data used in different computer applications? Explain. [7]

Q.8 (a) Simplify Boolean function f (x, y) = xi + 35. y + +x.y; p [5]

(b) Draw truth table of AND table. [2]

Q.9 (a) Differentiate between DOS Internal and External command with examples. [4]

(b)What is the procedure of copying file/ folder from floppy disk to other drive [3]

Practical PART-Ill

Note: – Attempt any One Question -[5 x 2= 10]

Q.10 (a) How would you change data and time in windows? [5]

(b) How would you create new folder on desktop? [5]

Q.11 (a) How would you delete a folder on desktop in windows? [5]

(b) How would you maximize and minimize windows in computer [5]

Q.12 (a) Describe the methods to arrange desktop icons [5]

(b)How would you empty the recycle bin?