Lahore Board Group-ll Annual Examination 2013


Time: 15 minutes Marks: 12

1.       One of the DOS” External “Com Is:

(a).XCOPY                                  (b). DATE                          (c). DIR                               (d). EXIT

2. Accomplish more than one teaks a a time is called:

(a). Search utility                     (b). Help                           (c). Multitasking              (d). Web Browsing

3 In Hexadecimal Number System “A” is equal to:

(a). Ten                                      (b). Eleven                        (c). Twelve                        (d). Thirteen

4. Klez Is a :

(a).Name of game                  (b). Antivirus name       (c). Virus name                (d). Name of man

5. Machine language can use:

(a). English words                 (b). Mnemonics codes  (c). Binary codes            (d). 1’S and 2’S

6. Which Command deletes empty directory:

(a). DEL                                     (b). RMDIR                        (c). KILL                             (d). DELETE

7. Ted Hoff produced the first microprocessor In 1971 for Intel, which named was:

(a). Intel-2002                        (b). Intel-3003                  (c). Intel-4004                   (d). Intel-5005

8. In Boolean Algebra,1.1 +

(a). 0                                         (b). 1                                    (c).10                                   (d).11

9. Softcopy output can get from:

(a). Printer                             (b). Monitor                     (c). Mouse                            (d). Keyboard

10 Universal Serial Bus can attach maximum devices upto :

(a). 120                                   (b). 127                              (c). 50                                      (d).210

11. A deleted object is sent to :

(a). Recycle Bin                   (b). Internet Explorer    (c). My Document               (d). Control Panel

12. Primary storage means:

(a). Hard Disk                    (b). RAM                             (c). Tape Storage                   (d). CD


Time: 2:45 Hours

Marks: 63


Q.2. Attempt any SIX parts [2 X 6 = 121

(i) Who is a Charles Babbage? (ii) What is Electronic Digital Computer?

(iii) What is basic difference between Vacuum Tube and transistor?

(iv) Differentiate between Laptop and Desktop Computers.

(v) What is input unit? (vi) Differentiate between Arithmetic unit and logical unit?

(vii) What is Track Ball? (viii) What is Voice Recognizer?

(ix) Differentiate between Enter and ESC Keys.

Q.3. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 X 5 = 101

(i)What is binary system in computer? (ii)Convert (1C2)16 into decimal number system.

(iii) Find the 2’S Complement of (10011001)z (iv) Subtract (1110); – (0011);

(v) Define multitasking. (vi) Why extension is used with file?

(vii) What is use of Recycle Bin? (viii)Define Windows Explorer.

Q.4. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) What is performed by Hard Disk’s Heads?

(ii) How does access data in Direct Access Storage?

(iii) Write short note on Hard Disk performance and capacity.

(iv) Write two methods to short Boolean function?

(v) Describe Associative Law w.r.t “Dot” and “Plus”.

(vi) Describe disadvantages of K-Map. (vii)Define internal command. Also give example.

(viii)What is use of Format Command?


Note: – Attempt any Three Questions [7 x 3 = 21]

Q.5 (a) Explain two types of Computer Languages. [3]

(b) Differentiate between input unit and output unit. [4]

Q.6 (a) Write a note on keyboard. [4]

(b) Write types of RAM. [3]

Q.7 (a) Convert (125); into Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Number System [7]

Q.8 (a) Solve the following function with the help of K-map f (x,. y) = x + 35. y [5]

(b) Define Boolean variable A g [2]

Q.9 (a) What is difference between Windows and DOS?) [4]

(b) What is the procedure of creating new folder? [3]

Practical PART-Ill

Note: – Attempt any one Question [5 x 2=1o1

Q.10 (a) Write down the steps to Shut Down and Restart Windows. [5]

(b) I-low would you launch Start Menu and access the Program Menu?

Q.11 (a) How would you create new folder on Desktop? W [5]

(b) Write down steps to delete the folder

Q.12 (a) Write down the steps to search a file. [5]

(b) Write down the steps to view the properties of Computer.

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