Computer Science 9

Lahore Board Group-I Annual Examination 2013


Time: 15 minutes Marks: 12

Note: – You have four choices for each objective type question as A, B, C and D. The choice which you think is correct; fill that circle in front of that question number. Use marker or pen to fill circles. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.

1.  Which button is used for scrolling a document, is called:

(a). Left button              (b). Right button               (c). Scroll button              (d). Double click

2. Unicode uses ____________ bits:

(a). 16                             (b). 32                                  (c). 64                                  (d). 132

3. Different parts of track o f magnetic Sub division Sector Field Cylinder disk is called:

(a). Sub division          (b). Sector                           (c). Field                                (d). Cylinder

4. In Boolean Algebra, A. 1 = :

(a). 0                              (b). 1                                       (c). A                                      (d). –

5. USS Port can connect how many devices:

(a). 120                 (b). 127                       (c). 140                        (d). 227

6. DOS interface is called :

(a). Menu interface  (b). Command line interface (c). Design interface    (d). System interface

7. Transistor is used in ___________  generation

(a). First                    (b). Second                          (c). Third                              (d). Fourth

8. Shut down option exists on:

(a). Task bar            (b). Start bar                        (c). Desktop                        (d). Title bar

9. Assembly language use: 

(a). English words (b). Mnemonics                (c). 0 and 1                           (d). Machine

10. ABC. BAT File may be:

(a). Internal Command (b). Batch file           (c). External Command   (d). Data file

11.Antivirus remove:

(a). Folder                 (b). Virus                             (c). Drive                               (d). Bacteria

12. Delete files from computer are saved:

(a). Desktop (           b). Taskbar                       (c). Recycle Bin                     (d). My Document



Time: 2:45 Hours Marks: 63


Q.2. Attempt any SIX parts [2 x 6 = 12]

(i) What do mean by Hybrid Computer. (ii) Explain UNIVAC.

(iii) Describe the two uses of computer in Education Field. q

(iv) What do you mean by powerful Super Computer? (v) What is system unit?

(vi) Explain USB ports. (vii) Write any two modes of Insert key.

(viii) Describe the function of video controller (ix) Define plotters. Write its types name.

Q.3. Attempt any FIVE parts _ _ [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) What is number system?

(ii) What is the difference between octal and hexadecimal number system?

(iii) Convert 56.2500) into binary. it (iv) Calculate 45-63 using 8-bits 2’S complement.

(v) Define Windows Operating System. (vi) What is the purpose of Recycle Bin?

(vii) What is the difference between hard drive and floppy drive?

(viii) Why is a file extension attached with a file?

Q.4. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) What are types of RAM? (ii) What is secondary memory?

(iii) Define compact disk. (iv) Define NOT Operation.

(v) What are Boolean variables? (vi) What are Boolean expressions?

(vii) What CD Command does? (viii) What is application software?


Note: – Attempt any Three Questions – [1 x 3 = 21]

Q.5 (a) Differentiate between main frame computer and minicomputer. [3]

(b) Write short note on parallel and” serial port. [4]

Q.6 (a) What is mouse and write down its event. [4]

(b) What is difference between EPROM and EEPROM? . [3]

Q.7 (a) What is number system? Describe different numbers system. [7]

Q.8 (a) Solve using K-map. [7]

Q.9 (a) Differentiate between DEL and DELTREE command [4]

(b) Name any three options of Control Panel and the tasks performed by them. [3]

Practical PART-Ill

Note: – Attempt any one Question [5 x 2= 101

Q.10 (a) How would you minimize Windows? [5]

(b) How you set the time in Windows? [5]

Q.11 (a) How would you delete folder in Windows? [5]

(b) How would-you load Windows Explorer? » – [5]

Q.12 (a) Write down steps to restart computer. [5]

(b) How would you empty Recycle Bin?