Gaseous Exchange test12

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.Total chemicals in tobacco in smoke are?
a) 1000      b) 2000      c) 3000      d) 4000
2.Taking on oxygen and giving out of carbon dioxide is called _______________ ?
a) Aerobic Respiration      b) Anaerobic Respiration      c) Gaseous Respiration       d) Respiration
3.Pulmonary vein contain ____________ type of blood?
a) Oxygenated      b) De-Oxygenated      c) none of these      d) Both a & b
4.The primary chemical stemulus for breathing in the concentration of _______________ in blood?
a) carbon dioxide      b) oxygen       c) nitrogen      d) hydrogen
5.Which gas reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin?
a) Carbon dioxde      b) Carbon Monoxide       c) Oxygen       d) Nitrogen
6.Dust particle in inspired air is?
a) Variable      b) Saturated      c) Both a & b      d) None of them
7.Which brings deoxygenated blood from heart into the lungs?
a) Pulmonary vein      b) Wind pipe       c) Pulmonary artery      d) Arteriol
8.The World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on the _____________ every year?
a) 30th Jan      b) 31st May      c) 31st March       d) None of them
9.Water vapors in inspired air is?
a) Variable      b) Saturated      c) Almost none       d) None of them
10.Entire surface of woody stem is covered by?
a) Bark      b) Cambium      c) wood      d) None of them

Q2. Write short answers to these questions: (15 )  
1.What is the function of mucous present in nasal cavity?
2.What is passive smoking and how it is harmful?
3.Define respiration?
4.Define breathing?
5.Define “Epiglottis” and it’s functions?

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