Gaseous Exchange MCQch10,11,12q

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (12)

1.Normal human breathing rate is?
a) 12 – 15 times per minute  b) 15 – 20 times per minute  c) 16 – 20 times per minute   d) 18 – 20 times per minute
2.Where does the gaseous exchange occur in humans?
a) Pharynx     b) Trachea     c) Bronchi     d) Alveoli
3.Pea shaped gland attached to hypothalamus is:
a) Adrenal gland    b) Parathyroid     c) Pituitary      d) Thyroid
4.The smallest bone of human body is_______
a) stapes      b) incus      c) malleus      d) vertebra
5.Which mineral is required for the production of Thyroxin?
a) Cl      b) F      c) Br      d) I
6.Which fibers conduct impulse away from cell body?
a) dendrites      b) neuron      c) nerve      d) axons
7.Some xerophytes plants store water in _____________ cells?
a) Sclerenchyma     b) Parenchyma     c) Root      d) None of them
8.To carry urine from the kidney to the bladder is a function of?
a) ureter      b) urethra       c) a & b      d) none of these
9.The primary chemical stimulus for breathing in the concentration of____ in blood?
a) carbon dioxide      b) oxygen      c) nitrogen      d) hydrogen
10.Cones are sensitive to__________
a) White light      b) Bright light      c) Dim light      d) None of them
11.Dust particle in inspired air is?
a) Variable     b) Saturated     c) Both a & b     d) None of them
12.Secretion of rubber plant is called?
a) gums      b) mucilage      c) latex     d) resins

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