Gaseous Exchange MCQch10,11,12h

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (12)
1.Normal human breathing rate is?

a) 12 – 15 times per minute b) 15 – 20 times per minute c) 16 – 20 times per minute d) 18 – 20 times per minute
2.The primary chemical stimulus for breathing in the concentration of _____ in blood?
a) carbon dioxide     b) oxygen     c) nitrogen     d) hydrogen
3.Which fibers conduct impulse away from cell body?
a) dendrites      b) neuron      c) nerve      d) axons
4.Where does the gaseous exchange occur in humans?
a) Pharynx      b) Trachea      c) Bronchi      d) Alveoli
5.Pea shaped gland attached to hypothalamus is:
a) Adrenal gland      b) Parathyroid      c) Pituitary      d) Thyroid
6.To carry urine from the kidney to the bladder is a function of?
a) ureter      b) urethra      c) a & b      d) none of these
7.Dust particle in inspired air is?
a) Variable     b) Saturated     c) Both a & b      d) None of them
8.Which mineral is required for the production of Thyroxin?
a) Cl     b) F     c) Br      d) I
9.Secretion of rubber plant is called?
a) gums      b) mucilage      c) latex      d) resins
10.Cones are sensitive to__________
a) White light      b) Bright light     c) Dim light      d) None of them
11.Some xerophytes plants store water in _________ cells?
a) Sclerenchyma     b) Parenchyma     c) Root     d) None of them
12.The smallest bone of human body is…………….
a) stapes     b) incus     c) malleus     d) vertebra

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