Computer Science 9

Faisalabad Board Annual Examination, 2013


Time: 15 Minutes Max Marks: 10

1 .The AND operator of Boolean algebra is denoted by:

(a). *                                             (b). +                                          (c). –                                         (d). .

2. The extension of a batch file is:

(a) .exe                                        (b) .bat                                    (c) .com                                    (d) .exe & .com

3. Types of DOS commands are:

(a). 6                                            (b). 4                                        (c). 2                                           (d). 1

4. Extension of excel file is:

(a) .doc                                      (b) .xls                                    (c) .ppt                                         (d) .mdb

5. A folder is a :

(a). Collection of files             (b). Collection of data     (c). Another name of icon      (d). None

6 . A small image that represents program or file.

(a). Menu                                 (b). GUI                                 (c). Control button                   (d). Icon

7. Which computer is most powerful?

(a). Micro                                (b). Mini                                (c). Mainframe                            (d). Super

8. Which is not high level language?

(a). JAVA                                 (b). Assembly                       (c). BASIC                                    (d). Fortran

9. CU stands for:

(a). Control unit                (b). Cash unit                         (c). Calculating unit                  (d). Communication unit

10. Arrow keys are also called:

(a). Toggle keys                 (b). Function keys                   (c). Modifier keys                    (d). Cursor control keys

11. MB stands of :

(a). Mega byte                   (b). Mega Bit                            (c). Mechanical Base               (d). Magnetic base

12. The number of digits in octal system is:

(a). 8                                     (b). 7                                          (c). 10                                          (d).16


Time: 2:45 Hours Marks: 63


Q.2 Attempt any SIX parts * \ [2 x 6 = 12]

(i) Define Pocket Computer. (ii) Define internet.

(iii) How many types of computer? (iv) How many language translators?

(v) Define main memory. (vi) How many types of ports?

(vii) What is the use of keyboard?. (viii) What is the use of microphone?

(ix) Differentiate between printer and plotter.

0.3 Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) What is information? ‘ (ii) Define alphanumeric data.

(iii) Convert (B9)16 into decimal. (iv) Find 1’s complement of 10011001.

(v) What is the purpose of recycle bin? (vi) What is task bar?

(vii) Write the names of any two features of windows.

(viii) What is windows explorer?

Q.4 Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) What are literals? (ii) What is DRAM?

(iii) What is seek time? (iv) What is the use of hard disk?

(v) Write two disadvantages of using Boolean algebraic laws

(vi) Prove that x y = x + y (vii) Define Application software

(viii) Explain the purpose of DIR command with syntax?


Note:- Attempt any Three Question [1 x 3 = 21]

Q.5 (a) What do you know about micro processor? [3]

(b) Write a descriptive note on port. [4]

Q.6 (a) How inkjet printer works? [4]

(b) What is difference between PROM and EPROM? [3]

Q.7 (a). Define data. Explain its types with examples. [5]

(b) Convert (1s5)1o mm hexadecimal number. [2]

Q.8 (a) Differentiate between minterms and maxterms with the help of a table. [5]

Q.9 (a) Write the purpose of these commands. (i) DATE (ii) MD (iii) CD [4]

(b) Describe control panel. [3]

Practical PART-Ill

Note: – Attempt any One Question [5 x 2=1o]

Q.10 (a) Write down the steps to shutdown and restart windows.

(b) How would you view and empty the recycle bin

Q.11 (a) How would launch the start menu and access the program menu?

(b) How would you arrange desktop icons?

Q.12 (a) Write down the steps to create a new folder on desktop

(b) Write down the steps to set a time and date.