Essay on Television


Essay on Television

Television is a wonderful invention of modern age. It has revolutionized the entire society and brought many changes in our social life. It was introduced in Pakistan in 1964 at Lahore .Television plays an important role in national life as it affects the ideas and behavior of all kinds of people. Television has a number of uses. Whether it is rain or sunshine, hot or cold outside, we can enjoy the television programmes within the four walls of our home. We can view musical programmes just as we can match films and dramas. Thus television makes us forget our worries for some time. Television present programmes of information. The most important of these is the television news. We listen to the news with great interest and get the latest news from all corners of the world.

Television can be used to teach uneducated peoples. Educational  programmes of different kinds are very informative. There are discussions and lectures on science and arts subjects. For example, films on scientific invention and development in the advanced countries are telecast for the viewers. There are agricultural, medical and industrial  programmes on TV that guide the people in their respective fields. Television also plays an important role in economic development to the country. Through them the market rates of different articles can be quoted and explained.

Television also presents programmes on national affairs. In these programmes the political activities of the rulers and leaders are described. The policies of the government in different fields of national life are presented and discussed. We can also view useful progarmmes on television concerning international affairs. They inform us about the relation, disputes and problem of different countries. There can be seen certain religious programmes on religion. Different religious scholars are invited in specific programmes. They suggest solution for different problem in the light of religion. Specific time allocated for the advertisements which help in the growth of industry. Colorful and attractive commercials draw the viewers who are completed to buy those products.

To concludr, we can say that electronic media has developed to a great extent. People can watch the transmissions of the other countries to the world through dish antinas and cables network. This has made television a powerful source of entertainment. People can enjoy watching the culture, places and heritage of different countries on their television screen. Great care, however. Has to be taken in the selection and presentation of the programmes as television has an immediaite and vital impact on the viewer. There should be a fine balance between entertainments and education. Excessive and immoral use of television may spoil the immature minds.

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