Computer Science 9

DG Khan Board 2013


Time: 15 minutes     Marks: 12


1.  Which the following is not an input device?

(a). Joystick                                             (b). Monitor                                 (c). Keyboard                                  (d). Mouse

2.1 KB is equal to:

(a). 1000 bytes                                      (b). 210 bytes                              (c). 22° bytes                                   (d). 23° bytes

3. Klez is a:

(a). Game name                                  (b). Hardware component      (c). Virus                                            (d). Person name

4. RM DIR command:

(a). Make directory                             (b). Remove directory                (c). Copies file                                 (d). None

5. K-Map 1S used:

(a). Simplify Boolean expression (b). Find value                                (c). Make software                        (d). Make Program

6. The hexadecimal number 1016 is equal to:

(a). 1010                                               (b). 10010                                        (c). 1610                                         (d). 10010

7. Data is called:

(a). Facts                                             (b). Facts and figures                    (c). Software                               (d). Program

8. DOS is a :

(a). Operating system                   (b). Not operating system            (c). GUI                                         (d). Hardware

9. Good time is a:

(a). Virus                                          (b). Antivirus                                  (c). Take news about existence of virus           (d). A good time

10. The third generation computers used:

(a). Vacuum tube                         (b). Integrated circuits                   (c). Transistors                               (d). Micro Processor

11.The arithmetic and logic unit can perform:

(a). Addition                                (b). Subtraction                             (c). Multiplication                             (d). Addition Subtraction, Multiplication

12. Computer virus is a:

(a). Disease                               (b). Set of computer                       (c). Type of bacteria                            (d) Hardware component


Time: 2:45 Hours Marks: 63


Q.2. Attempt any SIX parts [2 x 6 I 12]

(i) What is Computer? (ii) What is abacus?

(iii) Who was John Napier? (iv) How did microprocessor affect computer?

(v) Define Computer hardware. (vi) How many types of software?

(vii) What is mouse? (viii) Define input

(ix) How does dot-matrix printer works?

Q.3. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 I 10]

(i) What is Octal Number system? (ii) Convert 18510 into octal

(iii)’Find 2’s complement of 11011011 (iv) Define BCD Coding scheme.

(v) What is folder? (vi) What is meant by hardware compatibility?

(vii) What is icon? (viii) What is File extension?

Q.4. Attempt any FIVE parts – [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) What is disk drive?

(ii) Difference between primary memory and secondary memory

(iii) Why does DRAM use more power? (iv) What is Boolean variable?

(v) What is difference between OR and NOT operator? –

(vi) Make truth table of X+Y A (vii) Define DOS

(viii) Describe the purpose of main memory.


Note: – Attempt any Three Questions [7 x 3 = 21]

Q.5 (a) Write note on second generation computer. [3]

(b) Differentiate between application and system software [4]

Q.6 (a) Write four difference between CRT monitor and LCD. [4]

(b) Write three characteristics of RAM. [3]

Q.7 (a) Write descriptive note on Computer Code. [7]

Q.8 (a) Solve the Boolean function using K-Map J?.y.z + xi + JT.j7.z [7]

Q.9 (a) How DOS organize the data? Describe it. . [4]

(b)Describe any three basic work of mouse [3]

Practical PART-Ill

Note:- Attempt any One Question [5 x 2- 101

Q.10 (a) Write the steps to start windows explorer [5]

(b) Write down the steps to rename a file or folder. , [5]

Q.11 (a) Write down the steps to set screen saver [5]

(b) Write steps to restart windows . [5]

Q.12 (a) Write down the steps to create folder [5]

(b)Write down the steps to close windows.