Chapter No. 8Science 8

chapter No.8 Test 10

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.Centi means:
a) 10th part           b) 100th part           c) 1000th part              d) 10000th part
2.Kilo means:
a) 10th times          b) 100th times         c) 1000th times                  d) 10000th times
3.The quantities which can be measured are called:
a) Vector quantities           b) Chemical quantities           c) Physical quantities             d) Mechanical quantities
4.Physical quantities are:
a) Magnitude              b) Unit                 c) Direction                  d) Magnitude and unit
5.Measuring instruments are used to measuring some:
a) Chemical quantities            b) Physical quantities           c) Vector quantities             d) Mechanical quantities
a) litre                    b) mL                      c) mm                        d)mL3
7.A measuring cylinder is used to measure the:
a) Volume of a liquid            b) Quantity of a liquid             c) Unit of a liquid                d) Condition of a liquid
8.A length of 60mm is equal to:
a) 0.6m                 b) 0.06m                c) 0.006m               d) 0.0006m
9.Flask is made of:
a) Glass              b) Plastic              c) Iron            d) Glass or plastic
10.Sub-multiple of time:
a) 100cm                b) 10-3g                    c)10-3kg                            d) 10-4s

Q2.Write short answers to these questions:      (15)
1.How parallax error occur?
2.What are measuring instruments?
3. What do you know about prefix?
4.Define unit?
5.The height of a student is 150 cm .What is his height in meters?

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