Chapter No. 4Complete Chapter TestComputer 8

Chapter No.4 Test 6

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.After designing our algorithm we verify it through:
a) Flow chart                b) Comparison              c) Processing             d) Desk Checking
2.For decision in a flow chart we use the symbol:
a) START            b) END           c)       d) 
3.An algorithm must be:
a) clear               b) finite              c) effective            d) all of above
4.From a process symbol the number of flow lines that come out should be:
a) one              b) two              c) three            d) four
5.The stage of problem solving where we decide input to get desired output is called:
a) Display of data              b) Problem identification             c) Processing               d) Specify requirements
6.In program development the flowchart acts as a:
a) computer               b) flow chart                c) guide              d) data
7.The simplest form of algorithm is:
a) complete form algorithm             b) step form algorithm             c) particular form algorithm            d) None
8.For flow line a in a flow chart we use the symbol:
a) START            b) END           c)       d) 
9.The symbol represents:
a) input               b) processing              c) flow line              d) output
10.For some problems we do a lot of:
a) work               b) thinking             c) flow lines             d) processing

Q2. Write short answers to these questions: (15) 
1.Draw a flowchart to display the large one out of the two given inequal numbers.
2.Draw a flowchart to find the product of five given numbers.
3.Write are the elements of a problem statement.
4.Draw a flow chart to make tea.
5.Which questions should be answer by a good problem statement?

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