chapter NO 4 Test 2

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.Deforestation destroys the _________ of wildlife
a) House             b) Community                  c) Habitats                  d) Life
2.The burning of fuels releases carbon dioxide every year about.
a) 19000 million tons                b) 1800 million tons              c) 1900 million tons                 d) 18000 million tons
3.When acid rain water flowing into fields then it makes the soil.
a) Acidic                b) Dirty                      c) Fartile                        d) Clear
4.Which is colorless, odorless and poisonous gas?
a) Carbon monoxide                 b) Carbon dioxide                     c) Sulphur dioxide                      d) Nitrogen dioxide
5.These are affecting the environment badly.
a) Air pollutant                b) Ozone depleting                  c) Human activities                   d) Oxides of nitrogen
6.Where we live it is called our.
a) Environment              b) School                  c) House               d) City
7.A part of heat energy of sun is reflected by Earth back to:
a) Atmosphere                b) Earth                  c) Water                    d) Ozone
8.When it reaches our blood, it reduces its oxygen-carrying capacity.
a) Carbon monoxide             b) Carbon dioxide                c) Sulphur dioxide                 d) Nitrogen dioxide
9.According to experts.
a) 21 % of the total areas oa country must be covered by forests.
b) 22% of the total areas of country must be covered by forests
c) 24% of the total area of a country must be covered by forests
d) 25% of the total areas of a country must be covered by forests
10.The effect of ultraviolet radiation is harmful if:
a) Ozone layer is thick b) Ozone layer is thin c) carbon dioxide is present d) Excess of carbon

Q2.Write short answers to these questions:        (15)
1.Name the required material for greenhouse?
2.What are the main sources of air pollutants?
3.Describe the effects of deforstation on wildlife?
4.What are the effectskj of Deforstation on the environment ?
5.Write about the resources of oxide of nitrogen?

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