Chapter No.1Complete Chapter TestPak. Studies 9

Chapter No.1 Test 10

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Paper: Pak Studies   Class: 9                    Time Allowed:    One Hour                           Marks: 25 

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.Hajj is obligation to which people.
a) Rich          b) financially able             c) poor             d) on all
2.On which ideology muslim serve their life.
a) Budmat ideology         b) Pakistan ideology           c) Islam ideology            d) Hindusiam ideology
3.When did Ch. Rehmat Ali proposed the establishment of paksitan in his pamphlate.
a) 1929            b) 1932            c) 1933            d) 1931
4.When did urdu-hindi controversy start.
a) 1865            b) 1866            c) 1867            d) 1868
5.The third pillar of islam is.
a) Zakat            b) Hajj            c) keeping fast               d) Prayers
6.In which city the Hindi-Urdu controversy start.
a) Delhi            b) Lucknow            c) Banaras               d) Kolkatta
7.Pakistan was formed on the day when on hindu become muslim. This.
a) Pundit Nehru           b) Allama iqbal         c) Quaid-e-azam           d) M. Ali Johar
8….. have produce unsolveable problems for humanity.
a) the economic system of russion
b) economic system of America
c) The economic system of Bratain
d) The economic system of west
9.Allama iqbal gave idea of seperate muslim state for muslim in sub-continental.
a) 1930           b) 1935            c) 1937           d) 1933
10.The cottage industry of muslim destroyed in Hindustan.
a) The industrial revolution of Japan
b) From the British Revolution of Britain
c) From the industrial revolution of France
d) From the German Revolution of Germany

Q2.Write short answers to these questions:     (15)
1.In beginning Allama Iqbal was supporter of which Unity.
2.What do you mean by the Faith in prophethood.
3.What is the saying of the Holy prophet about brotherhood.
4.Why Allama iqbal demanded for separate homeland.
5.What is the importance of justice and equality in Islam

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