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Student’s Name:____________Admission No.______Roll No._____Section:______ Paper: Physics      Class: 10                    Time Allowed:    One Hour                           Marks: 25  Checked by:_______________ Rechecked by:_____________ Sign Invigilator:_____________ Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10) 1.Electroscope is used to detect: a) […]

Math 10

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Chapter No. 1 Quadratic Equations Chapter No. 2  Theory of Quadratic Equations Chapter No. 3  Variations Chapter No. 4 Partial Fractions Chapter No. 5  Sets and Functions Chapter No. 6  Basic Statistics Chapter No. 7  Introduction to Trigonometry Chapter No. 8  Projection of a Side of a Triangle Chapter No. 9  Chords of a Circle Chapter No. 10 Tangent of a Circle Chapter […]