BIOLOGY 9 Model Paper 9

Time : 2.45

Marks : 63

2.  Answer any six parts from the following.      ( 6×2=12 )

1. Give any two applications of Horticulture in daily life.

2. Differentiate between population and community.

3. Biotechnology helps mankind, justify.

4. Define quantitative and qualitative observation giving one example of each.

5. Explain why biologists report the result of their findings at National and International level.

6. Give two reasons for the exclusion of Kingdom Fungi from Kingdom Plantae.

7. Eucalyptus is harmful for other plants growing near it. Explain.

8.Differentiate between benign and malignant tumors.

9. Give two advantages of Apoptosis.

Q3.  Answer any five parts from the following.  ( 5×2=10 ) 

1. Give two function performed by Cytoplasm.

2. Cell works as an open system. Explain.

3. Show the effect of hypotonic soloution on animal and plant cell.

4. Enzymes lower the  activation energy of chemical reaction. Explain two methods.

5. Birds have high body temperature than mammals. What would happen to the activity of a bird’s enzyme if it is given temperature of 37C.

6. Induced-fit model of enzyme action is more acceptable than lock and key model of enzyme action. Justify. 7. Explain redox reactions in living organisms.

8.Compare aerobic and anaerobic respiration with respect to site of occurrence and final products.

Q4. Answer any five parts from the following.   ( 5×2=10)     

1.   Explain the effect of deficiency of Nitrogen and magnesium on the plants.

2.  If we supply inorganic and organic fertilizers to  plants, which one whould be first available to the plants for        uptake and why?

3. Balanced diet differs with age and gender. Explain.

4. Pepsin is a powerful protein digesting enzyme. It does not digest the stomcach walls, which are

mostly  proteins. Justify.

5. Give harmful and beneficial aspects of transpiration.

6. Differentiate between source and sink.

7. Patients bleed from the nose, gums and under the skin in dengue fever. Give reason.

8. Define universal donors and universal recipients.

Note:  Attempt any three questions.      (7×3=21)

5. (a) Draw a diagram  of internal structure of an animal  cell and label it,s any six parts

(b)  Which professions can be adopted after biological studies? Explain any four.

6. (a)  Explain three main types of organisms placed in Kingdom Protista.

(b)  Discuss four phases of interphase during cell cycle.

7. (a) How energy is released during oxidation reduction reactions in living organisms.

(b) Explain structure, location and function of any four types of Epithelial tissue.

8.  (a) Explain uses of enzymes in any three industries.

(b) Describe any four effects of malnutrition on humans.

9.   (a) Discuss function of three secretions added in the Duodenum part of small intestine.

(b) How blood disorder Leukemia is different from another disorder Thalassaemia?

 Part ———————— III    Practical Part 

     Note: Attempt any two questions       (5×2=10) 

8.  (a) You observed Flower of Brassica campestris (Mustard). Draw it’s diagram and label any two parts.

(b) You observed Bony Fish. Write down it’s four characteristics.


9. (a) You have studied prepared slides of mitosis. Draw diagrams of Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase

(b) You have performed the experiment of necessity of light for photosynthesis. How and why will

you destarch the leaf.

10. (a) You have performed the experiment to find the pathway of water in the plant. Describe the

pathway  taken by water through the stem to the leaf by drawing the diagram

as revealed by your experiment.

(b) You observed different types of Bacteria. Write down names of any four types and draw their diagram.


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