Chapter # 7 Bioenergetics

Q.1 Choice the correct option (A,B,C,D) ?

1. A ribosome sugar has carbon atoms:

(a) 4         (b) 5       (c) 6         (d) 7

2. ATP molecule was discovered by:

(a) Fritz Lipmann

(b) Calvin

(c) Karl Lohmann

(d) Hans Krebs

3. By-Product of Photosynthesis is:

(a) Glucose            (b) Carbon dioxide            (c) Oxygen             (d) None of these

4. The clusters of photosynthetic pigments are called:

(a) Thylakoids           (b) Photosystems            (c) Carotenoids           (d) Chlorophyll ‘a’ & ‘b’

5. Which of the following chemical is used to identify the starch in leaves?

(a) KOH         (b) KHCO3          (c) Ethanol           (d) Iodine solution

6. Pyruvic acid is produced in _____respiration:

(a) Aerobic

(b) Anaerobic

(c) Both aerobic and anaerobic

(d) None of these

7. Fermenting powers of bacteria are used in making:

(a) Soya sauce

(b) Bread

(c) Cheese

(d) Cheese and yogurt

8. Electron transport chain takes place in:

(a) Mitochondria          (b) Cytoplasm            (c) Nucleus            (d) Ribosomes

9. Which of these can enter into Krebs cycle?

(a) Glucose           (b) Pyruvic acid           (c) Citric acid               (d) Acetyl Co.A

10. Chlorophyll pigment absorbs maximum light in wavelengths of:

(a) Green and blue

(b) Green and red

(c) Green only

(d) Red and blue

Q. 2 (Short Questions)

Define Photosynthesis.

What is Z-Scheme?

What are dark reactions?

Define alcoholic fermentation. Also write its chemical equation.

Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

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