Chapter No. 16Complete Chapter TestPhysics 10

Electromagnetism Test 10

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Q1. Circle the correct answer.  (10)

1.Which of the following is a digital device:
a) a moving coil voltmeter                                     b) a microphone generating current
c) central heating thermostat                               d) automatic traffic lights
2.The process of transforming information into ‘1s’ and ‘0s’ is called:
a) digitization                 b) ionization                 c) logic operation                      d) electricity
3.X=A.B is read as:
a) X = A AND B                   b) X = A OR B                  c) X = A NOT B                   d) X = A NAND B
4.Which of the following is not an is example of an analogue quantities?
a) temperture                 b) time              c) pressure                  d) none of these
5.The process of emission of electrons from the hot metal surfaces is called:
a) electronic emission             b) thermeonic emission               c) field emission                d) none of these
6.DAC coverts:
a) analogue into a digital signal                             b) digital into a analogue signal
c) conventional into actual current                       d) anode into cathode
7.Temperature is a ………………quantity.
a) digital                b) analogue                c) constant                    d) vector
8.Those quantities whose values vary non-continuous manner are called.
a) variable               b) current                    c) analogue                d) digital
9.Digital electronics are preferred to analogue electronics because of:
a) loss of strength of signal in analogue electronics                            b) excellent picture quality                                        c) storage of large amount of data in a small                                        d) all of these
10.AND operation is represented by:
a) +                b) –                 c) *                  d) x

Q2. Write short answers to these questions: (15) 
1.Write down the names of universal logic gates.
2.Considering an Oscilloscope, explain why filament is heated?
3.Explain briefly the working parts of CRO.
4.What happen when a narrow beam of electrons is passing through a uniform magnetic field.
5.What is NOT operation? Write down its truth table and draw its symbol.

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