Bahawalpur Board 2013


Time: 15 minutes Marks: 12

1.       Micro Mini Mainframe Super

(a). Micro Computer                             (b). Mini Computer                            (c).   Mainframe Computer                     (d). Super Computer

2. Which language is used for Artificial Intelligence:

(a). Cobol                                                   (b). Lips                                                (c). Fortran                                                  (d). Simulation

3. The Port that support 127 devices 1s:

(a). Address                                              (b). USB                                                 (c). Parallel                                                    (d). Serial

4. Which plotter consists of two arms?

(a).     Ruler                                                  (b). Electrostatic                               (c). Flat bed                                                       (d). Drum

5. The normal capacity of CD is:

(a). 800 MB                                                (b). 700 MB                                       (c). 600 MB                                                         (d). 500 MB

6. Temporary storage location within CPU is called:

(a). ROM                                                  (b). BIOS                                              (c). Cache                                                          (d). Register

7. If x =0 and y=1 then x.y= __________

(a).   10                                                   (b). 01                                                     (c).   1                                                                      (d). 0

8. To expand the prompt to full screen press:

(a). Ctrl+Alt+Enter                             (b). Shift+Enter                                      (c). Ctrl+Enter                                                   (d). Alt+Enter

9. DOS command is used to change the properties:

(a). Attrib                                             (b). Xcopy                                             (c). Prompt                                                            (d). Dir

10. What is used to damage program?

(a). Prompt                                         (b). Attrib                                               (c). Antivirus                                                      (d). Virus

11.Which tool is used to change setting of desktop:

(a). Schedule Task                           (b). Internet option                               (c). Admrrinisirative Tools                        (d). Display

12.Which command is used to display all data on a single screen:

(a). File                                                (b).   List                                                        (c).   Windows                                             (d). Internet


Time: 2:45 Hours Marks: 63


Q.2.. Attempt any SIX parts     [2 x 6 = 12]

(i) Write two advantages of, transistor

(ii) In which computer the characteristics of Analog and Digital computer exists? Explain

(iii) Write the purpose of Mainframe computer.

(iv) Write two positive effects of Internet on society.

(v) Define Electronic Data Processing.

(vi) Differentiate between Serial Port and Parallel Port.

(vii) How does mouse works?

(viii) Explain Voice Recognition System. (ix) Define Video Controller.

Q.3. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) Define Number System. Write down the number of its types.

(ii) What is meant by I’s Complement of Binary Number?

(iii) Find sum and product of (101)2 and (111)2.

(iv) Convert 97 into Binary system and Octal system. .

(v) Why are folders used? (vi) What do you know about Search Utility?

(vii) What is the role of game controllers in computer?

(viii) What is the benefit of Antivirus?

Q.4. Attempt any FIVE parts [2 x 5 = 10]

(i) How is data accessed in Sequential Access Storage?

(ii) Differentiate between bit and byte.

(iii) What is meant by Seek Time?

(iv) What is Operator Precedence in Boolean Expression?

(v) What is difference between OR and NOT operator? (vi) What is the use of Truth table?

(vii) What is Batch file? _(viii) What is difference between COPY and XCOPY command?


Note: – Attempt any Three Questions [1 x 3 = 211

Q.5 (a) What is the difference between Digital and Analog Computer? – [3]

(b) Write the importance of CPU [4]

Q.6 (a) Difference between Drum plotter and Flatbed plotter. [4]

(b) Explain Cache memory. [3]

Q.7 (a) Calculate 38-29 using 8-bit 2’s complement method [5]

(b) Convert answer into decimal. A – [2]

Q.8 (a) Discuss different Logical operators in Boolean algebra [7]

Q.9 (a) What is Internal and External command [4]

(b)What is the use of file extension in windows? [3]

Practical PART-VIII

Note: – Attempt any One Question [5 x 2- 101

Q.10 (a) Write the steps to change Time and Date in Windows. [5]

(b) Write the steps to make file and change the name of file in Windows. [5]

Q.11 (a) Write down the steps to copy a folder from D:\ drive to E:\ drive [5]

(b) Write steps to set any Screen Saver [5]

Q.12 (a) Write the steps to copy file and folder with the help of File menu [5]

(b)Write steps to delete file or folder in Windows.

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