Homework of 14/03/2019

Sr Class Homework
1 Nursery Eng: Circel the grass plants with the letter “g”
Math: Count ,say and trace page 10
Islamiat:sab se zeyada hum se muhabbat kon karta hayUrdu:Parah or rang Bharain

Nazra: ye tak takhti no  2 yad karni hay

2 Prep Urdu:Do H A on work sheet page no 7
Math:D o H A on work sheet p 5
Nazra: khaa tak takhti no 5 yad karni hayIslamiat:learn on book page no 5

English:D O A on worksheet  workbook page no 5

3 One Math: Do and learn Definition square
Eng: Do & Learn C.A on copy
Sci:  Reading book pg 5
Urdu-B: book pg 2 for reading
S.St: Do and learn work sheet on copy.
4 Two Eng-B: Learn C.T
Urdu: Learn C.T
S.St: Learn C.T
Sci: Reading
Quran: Madni Qaida Lesson No.10 Pehli Line
5 Three Eng- Chap 6 reading/dictation

Sci: Learn U.19 Q.1
ISL: Learn L. Gebat Or Bohtan Q.1,2
Math: Test 2 Times Table and Book Pg. 27 to 30
U.A: Book Reading L. Marie Ki Sair

6 Four Urdu-A: Test Reading and Writing Full Unit. Achye Sehriee
S.St: Learn C.T
Math: Pg. 95 To 114 Test
Eng-B: Test Abjective Pg. 41 to 44
7 Five Eng-B: Test 2nd Para Pg. 133
Math: Ex 7.3 and Revise Ex 7 MCQS Test
Urdu: Test Haroofe Elat Or Haroof Shart
Comp: Test Q. 5,6 Unit.7
S.St: Test U.11 Full
8 Six Math: Test All Definition, MCQs, Fill In The Blanks, Of Ch.6, 7, 8
Eng-B: Do H.W Past Indefinite Tense
Sci: Test Pg.118, 119
Comp: Test Summary
Eng-B: Test Story the Wolf of Comb and Word Similar
Urdu-B: Test Again
His: Test Written All S.Q 4,5
9 Seven Comp: Test Of Unit 5 Summary
Sci: Test Unit 11
Urdu: Test OF Last Two Chapter
Isl: Test Long Q.4 Of 2 Last Chapter
His: Test Jang Azadi , Hazrat Shah Wali-Ul-Allah
10 Eight Eng: My School para graph
ISL: Test Hadees No.5
Bio: Learn Pg. 92,93
Eng: Test Letter No.6,7 Review Ex 2 Learn
11 Play Group


Eng: Do H.A on copy.
Math: Colour on maths book page no-6
Arts: Learn on book page no 5
Urdu:Taswero ko pechaine or name batayeIslaiat: Ap ka deen Kia hay?

Nazra: 1 ki mashiq karwai gai








Homework, or a homework venture, is a hard and fast of obligations assigned to college students via their instructors to be completed outdoor the class. Not unusual homework assignments might also consist of required studying, writing or typing venture, mathematical sports to be completed, records to be reviewed before a test, or different talents to be practiced.

The impact of homework is debated. Generally talking, homework does now not enhance educational performance amongst youngsters and might improve educational competencies amongst older students, particularly lower-reaching students. Homework additionally creates strain for students and their parents and reduces the quantity of time that students could spend exterior, exercising, gambling, working, snoozing, or in different sports.
The primary objectives of assigning homework to students are similar to schooling in widespread: to growth the expertise and enhance the capabilities and abilities of the scholars, to prepare them for upcoming (or complicated or tough) classes, to extend what they realize with the aid of having them apply it to new conditions, or to integrate their abilities by way of applying unique abilities to a single challenge. Homework also offers a possibility for dad and mom to take part in their children’s education. Homework is designed to enhance what students have already discovered.