Unit 15 Q.1. What does one mean by electromagnetism? What are its uses? Ans. The study of magnetic effects of current is thought as electromagnetism. Uses The use of electromagnetism in several fields of science and technology is incredibly wide. Motors and electrical meters are supported the result of magnetism made by the electrical current in […]


Unit 18 ATOMIC AND natural philosophy Q.1. what’s distinction between number and mass number? provides a symbolization of a nuclide. Ans. distinction BETWEEN number AND mass variety The number is adequate to the quantity of protons within the nucleus of Associate in Nursing atom, It is denoted by Z. Whereas the mass variety is that […]


Unit 17 INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Q.1 What is meant by data technology and telecommunication? Ans. The methodology accustomed store data, to rearrange it for correct use and to speak it to others is termed data technology. TELECOMMUNICATION The method accustomed communicate data to faraway places instantly is termed telecommunication. Q.2. What does one perceive by […]


Unit 16 Q.1. Define electronics. Ans. The branch of applied physics that deals with the behaviour of electrons victimisation totally different devices for varied helpful functions is thought as physics. Q.2. What does one perceive by particle emission? Ans. emission The process of emission of electrons from the new metal surfaces is termed emission. Q.3. What […]


Unit 14  Q.1. What is outline and justify the term current? Ans. The rate of flow of electrical charge, through any cross-sectional space is named current. If the charge letter is passing through any cross-sectional space in time t, then current I flowing through it’ll tend by Charge Current B-T I Sie .or I = -t- […]


Unit 13 ELECTROSTATICS Q.1 what’s meant by natural philosophy or static electricity?. Ans. natural philosophy The study of charges at rest is termed natural philosophy. Q.2. however are you able to show by straightforward experiments that there ar 2 varieties of electrical charges. Ans. A comb rubbed with hair and amber rubbed with silk attract […]


Unit12: OPTICS Q.1. What do you understand by reflection of light? Draw a diagram to illustrate reflection at a plane surface: Ans. REFLECTION OF LIGHT When light travelling in a certain medium falls on the surface of another medium, a part of it turns back in the same medium. This is called reflection of light. Reflection […]

What is condition for the production of sound?

Q.1 what’s necessary condition for the assembly of sound? Ans. Sound is made by moving bodies. thanks to vibration of bodies the air around them conjointly vibrates. These air vibrations manufacture sensation of sound in our ear. Sound travels within the medium from one place to a different within the variety of compression waves. Q.2. […]

SIMPLE HARMONIC MOTION AND WAVES.what are harmonic motion?

Q.1. what’s straightforward harmonic motion? What square measure the required conditions for a body to execute straightforward harmonic motion? Ans. straightforward periodic motion (SHM) To and fro periodic motion within which acceleration of the body is directly proportional to the displacement of the body from the mean position and is-always directed towards the mean position is understood as straightforwardperiodic motion. Conditions for straightforward periodic motion A body should fulfil the subsequent 2 conditions so as to execute straightforward harmonic motion: Acceleration of the body […]

Islamiat 8

Islamiat 8: Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, identification and taxonomy. Modern biology is a vast and eclectic field, composed of many branches and sub disciplines. However, despite the broad scope of biology, there are certain general and unifying concepts […]