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Teach & Learn Anywhere.
Access schoolpk on a computer, tablet, or smartphone from any location. With Virtual Classrooms, teachers can conduct lessons online for students anywhere in the world.

24/7 Customer Service.
Weíre always available to answer your questions and hear your ideas on how Ayotree can work better for you. If you already use another system, we can help you migrate to Ayotree as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Small Investment. Big Results.
schoolpk has simple monthly pricing with no surprise costs. Our customers rate the value of our service higher than any other school management system available. Whatís more exciting is that your first month is free!
Apps For Everyone
Out perform your Roles with schoolpk

Principal App
Manage your school remotely. Send emergency notices, track teacher leaves, Students progress & much more. track payments, track school buses.

Teacher App
Always stay connected with your school administration & students, Give them homework, track their progress, accept-reject leaves & much more.

Student-Parents App
View your kids academic and carriculam growth. Watch events photos-videos, never miss homework, apply for leave, get exam timetable, check students attendance & much more.

Live Online
Experience HD video calling with your classroom. Initiate Meeting from Teacher App and all students will join virtual classroom from their students app. And it Free.

A Complete School ERP Software
schoolpk is ERP software for schools, and it includes all the features of an ERP software tailored for school needs. Integration, Automation, Reporting, Customer Relationship Management (Student, guardian relationship management in case of education institutes), Accounting & Tracking, and Visibility. Everything is packaged in a single our School/College ERP solution; you have to tick to enable a module. When you setup feKara for college, it will change all the workflows accordingly.
Web Portal Features
We have it All
92+ Unique Features for complete digitalization of  your institute and more coming soon.
School Management Software Pro Edition
Integrated with Web Portal and Mobile App with Free Unlimited
App SMS, WhatsApp and GSM Mobile SMS for Life Time.
Integrated with Web Portal and Mobile App
with Free Unlimited App SMS,WhatsApp and
GSM Mobile SMS for Life Time

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School Management Software
Exclusive Features
School Management Software

Well, Worry No More INTRODUCING!
School Management System or School Management System is highly professional software designed to meet the ever-growing needs of any School, College, and Academy.
School Management Software is a Copy paste software and User-friendly no need for experts.

One-Click report for your needs
Save unlimited studentís records and retrieve it any time you want.
Fee voucher for Bank (One copy, two copies, three copies, and four copies)
List of fee defaulters in one click
Four types of Students Progress Reports in just a few clicks.
Attendance through Biometric and Barcode Scanner
Make Staff Salary Statement, Pay slip
Daily Cash Book, Ledger Book, Trial Balance
All types of student certificates
Working over LAN.
Send SMS to Parents for fee defaulter, student progress reports, attendance, and general circular
School Management Software:

Any time we have an upgraded version of School Management Software available,
youíll get it free! Forever! Updating is super easy.

You can upgrade any time without PENALTY.
Just email or call us to know that you want to upgrade your School Management Software.
Weíll send you a file for up-gradation or through team viewer.
Free Technical support, Software Training and any query about School Management Software around the clock
For Order OR Inquiry School Management Software

The SMS Ė School Management System Ė This is highly professional software designed to meet the
ever-growing needs of any school and college. The Software is divided into several modules which are
Studentís Admission, Institutionís Account, Report Cards and Administration. The system has a system
administrator module for security management.

Schools, Colleges and Academies


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One-Click report for your needs.
Save unlimited data of all sessions and retrieve it anytime you want.
Find student records, payment records, results of students in seconds.
Get the result of grades, comments, and class positions of students automatically.
Role-based security to authorize operations of users in certain areas only.
User-friendly and easy to use.
Copy-paste software, no need for experts.
Backup restores utility included for easy backups & restoration of the database
Send Mobile SMS to parents.
Send Mobile SMS to teachers.
Upload studentís information list, fee bill, progress reports on the website.
Working over LAN.
Modules are:
School Management System 10 Edition

New Modules:
1. Students and Teachers attendance through Barcode Reader
2. Students Fee receive through Barcode Reader
3. Staff attendance through Biometric System
4. Mobile SMS to parents
Hostel Modules
1. Visitorís List
2. Pocket Money
3. Cell Phone Data
4. Vehicles Data
5. Cadetís Information
6. Room Assets Detail
7. Routine Timing
Studentís Entry Test Records
1. Entry Test Record
2. Interview Proforma
3. Call Letter
4. Joining Instructions
5. Institution Rules
6. Guidelines for Parents
7. Class Time Tables
Studentís Progress
1. Subjects/Marks
2. Make Progress Reports
3. Sports Events
4. Monthly Test
Staffís Modules
1. Staff Security
2. Teacher Time Tables
3. Year Planner

School Management Software 10 Edition

Admission Section:
1. Set Classes/Form fields
2. Add Studentís Record
3. Edit Record
4. Print Forms
5. Print School Rules
6. Print Studentís Medical History
7. Combine Attendance
8. Individual Attendance
9. Schoolís Leaving Certificate
10. Character Certificate
11. Birth Certificate
12. Studentís Status
13. Studentís Strength Statement
14.  Admission Register
15. Withdrawn Register
16. List of Current Students
17. Studentís Complaints Letter
18. Thanking Letter
19. Print Envelope
20. Students Birthday
21. Books List
22.Register of Contingencies
23. Print Students Information List
24. Print phone directory
25. Letter Had
26. Academic Calendar
27. Syllabus
28. New Admission Capacity List
29. Student's Profile

Institutionís Account Section:
1.Fee Bill
i. Change Fee Bill Heading
ii. Print Fee Bill for Bank
iii. Print Fee Bill Single Copy
iv. Print Fee Bill Two Copy
v. Print empty Fee Bill
vi. Print Master Fee Bill
vii. Print Family No. wise
viii. Print Headís Student wise
ix. Export Fee Bill to Website
x. Print Master Fee Bill with left students
xi. Send Mobile SMS
xii. Print Fee Bill class wise list
xiii. Print fee status wise

2. Fee Collection
3. Fee Defaulters
4. Print Daily Fee Detail
5. Print Monthly Fee Detail
6. Print Yearly Fee Detail
7. Set Cash Book Head
8. Daily Cash Book
9. Ledger Book
10.Trial Balance
11. Fee Register
12. Salary Statement
13. Pay Slip
14. Print Salary Envelop

Administration Section:
1. Add/Edit signature and logo
2. Make Studentís ID Card
3. Institution Pass
4. Institution Staff
5. Add Staff Profile
6. Edit Staff Profile
7. Print Staff Profile
8. Casual Leaves Register
9. Staff Identification Card
10. Staff Statement
11. Leave Record of Teacher
12. Registration Return
13. Staff Experience Certificate
14. No Objection Certificate for teachers
15. Teacher Time Table
16. Class Time Table
17. Accession Register
18.Library Registers
19.Laboratory  Stock Register
20. General Stock Register
21.Dispatch/Received Registers
22.Management Body
23. Make New Session
24. User Accounts
25. Visitor Book
26. illegal login

Others Modules:
1. Class Observation
2. Co-curricular Performance
3. Copy Checking Observation
4. Lesson Plan I to X
5. Lesson Plan Pre School
6. Paper with Answer
7. Paper
8. Summative Assessments
9. Memorandum
10. Control Transport System
11. Circular
12. Send SMS to Parents
13. Enquiry Register
Studentís Progress Report Cards Section
Make Studentís Award List
Make Date sheet/Roll No. Slip
Type 1
Subjects/Maximum Marks
Make Progress Report Cards
Progress Reports(1st Term)
Progress Reports(Mid Term)
Progress Reports(Final Term)
Position Holders
Top Three Position Holders
List of Pass/Failure Students
Summary of all Terms

Type 2
Set Terms and Subjects
Set Remarks
Set Grading
Progress Reports
Print Progress Reports Cards
Print Position Holders
Summary of all Terms
Progress Reports History
Monthly Test
Weekly Test

Type 3
Unlimited Terms
Monthly Test
Weekly Test

Type 4
Quick Progress Reports
Reports (Make Unlimited Terms)
Monthly Test
Weekly Test
Make Assessment Results
List of Detain Students
Conduct Assessment

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